Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am a little curious...

Hello Everyone!  I am hoping to get a little assistance with this one.  I had picked up this square baker at a flea market about a month ago and I am still a little puzzled by it. 
You see...although I have seen the turquoise square baker before... it always had rounded handles...and this one has slanted angular type handles.  It is also a rather unique shade of blue. 
So my question is...have you ever seen this before?  If so, do you have any ideas on dating it?
Thank you for any assistance!
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Green Green Everywhere!

Last Friday I went about my business thrifting like normal.   Must have been a day for greens.  I found many green stuff.

Square Flowers 444

Verde 402 & 403

Not Pyrex, but still green and cute

I also came across some other lovelies. You can check them out at Including some pretty vintage dresses. 

Hope your weekend is a great one and stay cool! 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clear Fridgie Set!

A few weekends ago I had to go to Palm Springs about 2 hours away to watch my hubby's film at a film festival. He is so sweet. He let me go thrifting while him and my son went and saw Superman.

The film my hubby produced. 
There wasn't much there in terms of Pyrex but man they have a ton of thrift stores in Cathedral City!

My best score was a clear fridge set. Yeah newer stamps, but all with lids and in great condition. It would be the only clear Pyrex I own now.

You can see my other finds at treasures my husband hates.

Until then, check out the trailer for his film over at Vimeo


Butterflies are here

Hello all, hope your day is going great! I wanted to share with you the Butterfly Gold pieces that I found on our recent vacation back to southern Missouri.  We spent 10 days camping near where my hubby went to college and we started out our married life.  It was so much fun to show our daughter where her folks started out and reminisce about those early years.  We also spent A LOT of time hitting up every antique mall and thrift shop we could find!  I love that kind of vacation!

Here are the Butterfly Gold pieces that we found that we didn't already have in our collection!

A piece here, a piece there and I spent $28 for all!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Orange Butterprint!

Hi PC, SusieQT here!

I had to take my son to camp this week. And it's not really close enough to home that I can drop him off and go back, so I decided to hit a few thrifts in my old neighborhood to pass the time.  I went to one in particular that has always been good to me in Pyrex (I found my starburst there, lo so many years ago for a couple of bucks). And what did I find this time? Why, only an orange Butterprint 402!!!!!

And for $3.50, it went home with me.

I also got this state glass, Florida, for my latest collection. I now have 4 (Vermont, Tennessee and Maryland are the others), so that means only 46 more to go, LOL. I also found an amazing MCM wooden wall hanging and a gravel art piece. It was a good day for both of us!

I found some killer FireKing this week, too, if you're into that kind of stuff...
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My "Accidental" Pyrex Collection

Pyrex Pals..
I have a confession to make.
I think I'm a Pyrex collector.
See, I tried to deny the fact that I was actually collecting the stuff for a long time.
"Oh, this large shelf of Pyrex? That's just some stuff I pick up here and there, you know... at garage sales and stuff. I'm really don't collect it..."
But the other day, I decided to put all my Pyrex in a cabinet, just to see how it looked.

Well, it looked pretty darn good..
But it filled the cabinet all up!
I've collected enough of the stuff to fill up a cabinet!

But it looks so pretty...

Here is the top part of the cabinet.... you can see my pretty fridgies, partial Early American set ($12 for 3 bowls... its kind of homely, but it was such a bargain!), a Wheat bowl, a stack of early solid color Pyrex, a set of Shenandoah casseroles (with a duplicate small one), and my beloved Snowflakes! There is a long lasagna/cake pan tucked in-between the top and bottom portions (I think that was $1.50 at the thrift, the price tags are still on it somewhere) with a Snowflake garland butter and a lil' pink fridgie sitting out with it.

Next we have the bottom.. sorry for the icky lighting! It was stormy out when I took the picture! You see an Early American casserole, a pinecone big fridgie, two little blue bowls from the primary set, a Town and Country baker topped by a Butterfly Gold Bowl ($1 at a a garage sale), and that's a Terra little covered casserole there on the far right. On the bottom we have a Verde divided casserole, a Spring Blossom casserole, a set of Old Orchard casseroles (the middle one doesn't have a lid!), and my Butterfly Gold casserole + partial set of Cinderella bowls!

Here's the top of the cabinet, topped with some of my best deals! The Pyrex Promo with holder and lid was $2 from a garage sale, so was the big tan casserole (I forgot the pattern name!), the divided dish underneath it was only a quarter. The blue dish with no lid, but holder, was nabbed for $1!

And there you see all the little Pyrex tucked away in its mod display cabinet.
Doesn't it look pretty?

Best of wishes in all your Pyrexing,

Sam in MN

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My first antique space!

Hello, all!

A new antique mall opened up nearby, so we (my mom & I) finally bit the bullet and got a space! We decided to start small for now and just stick with an open cabinet...if it does well, we'll try to move to a booth space.

The grand opening was today - I hope some of my pretties found new homes! I went back early this morning and added more to the bottom spaces, but forgot to take a picture after. Whoops.

Any tips from other, more experienced, antique-booth-ers?


Packing Pyrex

I've been missing in action from both the thrift and the blogging scene for a while now, but I have a good excuse: my Pyrex has been living in cardboard boxes for the past few weeks.

We recently moved, so I began the packing process weeks before our actual departure date. By the last week at home, all of the Pyrex had been packed... and my kitchen seemed eerily empty.

Needless to say, I definitely stressed about packing the Pyrex. (I need to apologize to the environment for the amount of bubble wrap and packing paper I used to pack everything!)

Apparently my packing priorities paid off though, because all of my pretties made it to our new location absolutely unscathed. 

We ended up moving to a different apartment than the one we originally wanted, but this one is so much nicer and has MUCH more kitchen space. I nearly passed out when I saw all of the cabinets. (Some of you may remember that I believe I formerly had the smallest kitchen in America, so this is a great bonus. I'm giddy!

Now, for the first time ever, I have enough space to actually display my Pyrex! 

I'm looking forward to changing it up for different seasons, but for now, these are the two main colors I have in the kitchen. 

Any of you Pyrex collectors moving this summer, too? If so, happy packing! 


Pyrex and Peonies

My Peonies went crazy this year...and then it rained.  They were all drooping so I cut them all.  Then I had this...


No vase could handle this...but Pyrex can!


I put them in the yellow 403 I recently found from the rare all yellow set of mixing bowls.




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Friday, June 21, 2013

Some of my recent finds!

Hello all! I am new to blogging and the Pyrex Collective III!  I do my Pyrex hunting in The Land of Enchantment - New Mexico and thoroughly enjoy reading about everyone else's finds on the Pyrex Collective.  Needless to say, anytime we hit the road, thrifting and antiquing is at the top of my to-do list.  It is definitely a type of sight-seeing, digging around in someones antique mall booth or thrift store is like a treasure hunt.  On a summer trip, I stumbled onto these pieces.  From what I can find, the Golden Rose casserole dish is a 1967 promotional.  The warming stand is in perfect condition as well as the dish itself!

I also keep an eye out for the Pyrex carafes.  The tall one was found by my hubby and the gold leafing is perfect!  My daughter found the small carafe with shamrocks on it which is just perfect for her - she was born on St. Patricks Day!  Yep, she is a Pyrexer too! 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Patriotic Pyrex

I've decorated my porch for the 4th.  Of course, there's some red and blue Pyrex in the display!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

My Biggest Haul Yet

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a fun and Pyrex filled weekend!

This was my first haul over the weekend. I found a sale where a Fire King/Pyrex collector had gone over the top and filled buildings with yard sale finds for years! It was a smorgasbord! The second day I probably brought home 40 mixing bowls and casseroles. Nothing super fancy, just stuff to sale. 

But the best piece? It's in that blue box up there. Now call me crazy, but I want to use all of my Pyrex. The boxed item is in my pattern, but I can't use it. So it is available for sale

Happy Pyrexing Everyone!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rare Pyrex Store display item

I don't know how long ago it was when I saw the amazing sign that the got. But since that time I have been actively looking for Pyrex advertising and store display pieces. They are really rare! I dream of walking into an estate sale, swap meet, or even an antique mall and finding one. A sign, a display, anything that was used to showcase Pyrex back in the day. That has not happened yet.

However, the online marketplaces are a place I can and have been searching for such items. Although, the rare vintage display pieces do appear, it is not often. In fact, I have only come across 4 or 5 for sale in the last year. Everything from a lighted sign to a paper display.

I finally found one that I would like to share. This was a steal compared to what it could have gone for. It was displayed flat without the Pyrex added. I am sure this would have gone for more $ if displayed better. I even passed it over several times until I took a closer look as to what it was. I knew I had the Pyrex made for the display already in my collection so I bought it! (Sorry about the lighting in the picture, it's what they call June gloom in my area of the country) I am so excited to own this! I imagine that this display would have stopped a lot of shoppers in their tracks back in its day.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pyrex in Action - Lemon Bars

Nothing says "the beginning of summer" like a little homemade lemon bar action. 

Made them in a Verde 933. Picked this guy up at goodwill a few years back. Love it. 

If you want to read the about the lemons used (a story of my wild weekend) you can at treasuresmyhh - clothing optional

Treasure Hunter

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Great Little Finds

With yard sales in full swing I've been keeping my eye out for any Pyrex that may be overlooked by those who aren't as crazy about it as we all seem to be . I was at one yard sale that included several families , I slowly walked around carefully gazing for any hidden Pyrex I spotted a cute little creamer.... I handed it over to the lady seated collecting the payments and asked how much they wanted . She looked it over and as she handed it back to me said... "oh .50 cents will be fine " .... my heart leap as I quickly pulled the change from my pocket book.

My other fun little find was  a margarine dish with the lid for $1.99. This was tucked behind a few items at the GoodWill when I saw this... I already have a Butter Dish so I was excited to find this. I love finding all the pieces in different patterns and mix matching everything...

Happy Pyrexing to all

Monday, June 10, 2013

Found this Buffet Twins Promo (Minus a twin) from a Senior Center store for $5.  I'm sure I will stumble on the twin somewhere!
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Triple Strawberry Summer Cake on my new Pyrex find!

I recently went to the last day of an estate sale where I found loads of Pyrex. It may end up being the mega pick of the season. I secretly hope not though :) I purchased so much that I will have to break it up,into several different posts.

This is part of find I "picked"...

The Pyrex Lime dinnerware set with extras. They are in such good condition! I am only keeping the extra cake plate from this set. Don't feel bad for me, what I am keeping makes letting go easy.

I decided I wanted to use my new lime cake plate today and make my Triple Strawberry Summer Cake. This cake is amazing and is made without eggs or oil. Just cake mix and diet coke. I added fresh strawberries to mix and it is to die for.


Some 403's

Hi Fellow Bloggers!

I just found these beautiful 403's at a little antique store downtown for only $6.50 each!  I am limiting myself now to Friendship, Daisy Citrus, Primary, some pink and turquoise and certain promos....Oh, and the rest of the DOTS, and 471 casseroles....haha...!

I wasn't sure what sets these were from...I guessed Daisy and Friendship.  I figured out from Pyrexlove that The orange is indeed from Daisy citrus.  However, the Friendship 403 is the set is the sunny yellow 403 from?  Anyone know?  I dug around alittle and looked up yellow and didn't see anything.


Stacey Johnson

Friday, June 7, 2013

First Autumn Harvest!

Hi PC 3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I have a few things to share- Pyrex picking has been slow, but I found some good stuff today. The two Autumn Harvest bowls (402 and 403) on the left are my first of that pattern and it's one I have always liked. They're not mint condition, but are pretty good (not DWD!) and for $7.50 for both, not a bad deal. I will put them away for now and bring them out come fall.

The Spring Blossom 402 on the right is one of those "condition is everything" mistakes. Although, it's hard for me to call it a "mistake" because it is Pyrex, and a mixing bowl which I will use... Anyway, it was cheap (like $2) but really dirty. I knew I could get the dirt off, but it has been through the dishwasher and has a big chip on the bottom which I didn't see until I got it home. Oh well, I definitely can't resell it or trade it, but I can use it. Funny how almost all of the daily use Pyrex I have is Spring Blossom, a pattern which I don't "collect" but seem to buy with regularity. Oh well, it's still better than regular glass and way more fun!

I scored a ton more stuff, too- come on over to my blog and see the rest!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally Friendship!

I have NEVER seen Friendship in a thrift!  OK except some dead bowls you could hardly make out and I do have a couple of lids.  But never a full piece in perfect condition.  I was with my Mom at Goodwill.  I saw this clear down at the other end of the isle...and I ran.  My Mom was a bit stunned, and later said.  "I wonder what would have happened if someone got in your way?"


I put her in a display in my kitchen!


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Estate Sale that Knocked it out of the Park

I have had really good luck finding Pyrex just about everywhere I have gone. That does not mean that I always find it in my price range. However, the junkin season has been good to me so far when it comes to my favorite thing to collect.

I promised on my last post that I would show you a special piece I kept for my collection. It is minty and I was thrilled to get it. This is a Space Saver Scroll design with lid and cradle from 1958.

I found this pink beauty at my local Catholic charity thrift store. It was not in the collectibles or vintage area! It was laying under a bunch of pots and pan lids. To say I was excited is an under statement. I love it and it looks wonderful in the center of my 1940s Hoosier.


Use for that margarine tub finally.

I don't use margarine. I use butter and bacon grease. I used to have this jelly jar that held my bacon grease but it broke yesterday. I almost cried. 

The only suitablee replacement I had at the moment was a lidless Butterfly Gold Margarine tub. 
It works, and is a great size. 

RIP jelly jar. 

Pyrex in action! 

Now I wil be on the hunt for one of those drippings jars.
 Maybe I will even stumble upon a Pyrex one. (We can all wish right!?)

Happy Hunting

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fred Press!

Hi all, I have added this pretty piece to my collection and I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I know that these pieces are hard to come by, and I never thought I'd own one, and I am beyond excited! If any of you has any other additional info I would greatly appreciate it, Thanks!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My #1!


Yanno that #1 on your list Pyrex 'want' list?!

I finally got mine! A beautiful, shiny Spirograph.

She's oh so pretty. {Please ignore the water ring - I live with 3 boys who don't know how to use coasters!}

Now some other new beauties acquired:

I've always loved the black & purple combo in the Midnight Bloom - gorgeous! And finally found a Bluebird!

I also found this sweet yellow-ish/gold piece {no idea what it's called! - I've seen "Gold Garland" & "Gold Bouquet"...neither of which I believe are true} & a minty Balloons 444!

Also, my new favorite size is the sweet are they stacked up?

And now, just because I have never seen one before...a Blue Chip Week! I couldn't afford it's $65 price tag - but still cool to see in the wild!

So...what's #1 on your list? :)