Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrifty Finds

My Pyrex collection just keeps growing. There's a thrift store just minutes from our church. Last Wednesday evening I decided to stop in before church. I saw these pieces, but talked myself out of purchasing them because I thought they were too expensive, but I loved the design and the color so much that I couldn't stop thinking about them. I took a picture of the bowls and left the store. I guess my children liked them too because they told me I should go back and get them. The next day we decided to do just that. Come to find out there was another price sticker underneath the sticker that I had seen and the big bowl ended up being cheaper than I originally thought. Score!
The fun didn't stop there because my children wanted to go to another thrift store and then another. We ended up stopping at 4 thrift stores before we made it home. My children are becoming quite the thrifters. They usually spot Pyrex pieces before I do. They love going to the thrift store. Some children ask to go to the park or the toy store, but mine ask to go to the thrift store. Yikes! What have I done?
~Jan~ just*imagine*heaven

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pyrex in Action: A Monday recipe

I have a very large collection of vintage cookbooks. I just can't resist them, especially ones from Better Homes and Gardens from the 1950s and 60s. While they may not exactly be current and hip for the foodie in me, I love the basic ingredients and easy preparations. And usually, for a weeknight meal, that's all I want in a recipe!

It doesn't hurt that some of the recipes are just fun/weird to look at and imagine- many of these books were the source for James Lilek's Gallery of Regrettable Food. But there are definitely gems in there if you can get past the aspic. This recipe is from BH&G's Hamburger and Ground Meats Cookbook from the early 1960s.

Of course, just about everyone has ground beef in their freezer and rice in their pantry, so I found this recipe that uses those ingredients. It was OK- came together quickly, didn't require anything fancy- but if I make it again, I will alter it slightly to add some more depth of flavor.

I thought it was a good opportunity to get out some of the Pyrex casserole dishes, especially since the ones I used were approximately from the same year as the cookbook!

Cheesy Beef-Rice Bake

1 lb. ground beef
1 clove garlic, minced
1 c. uncooked rice
2 T. butter
3 c. water
1 c. shredded carrot
2 t. beef bouillion
1 t. parsley (dried or fresh, chopped)
1/2 t. onion flakes or powder
1/2 t. dried basil
1/2 c. shredded cheese

In large skillet, brown ground beef. Drain fat, remove from pan and set aside.

In same skillet, melt butter and brown uncooked rice, stirring frequently until golden brown. As an aside, this is one of my favorite preparations, and a big reason I chose this recipe- the rice gets a nice nutty flavor before cooking.

Stir in water, bouillion, carrot and spices. I do not like dried bouillion cubes, so I used concentrated stock. You could also use 2 c. regular liquid beef stock or broth, just eliminate an equal amount of water. At this point, to improve the flavor, I would also add a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles and eliminate another 2/3 cup water.

Bring to boiling, then reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes.

 Stir in browned meat.

Get your Pyrex ready! 

The recipe specifically calls for a 1 1/2 qt. casserole, so I thought that my 1 1/2 qt. Butterprint  fridgie would be perfect. Wrong. I filled it with about 2/3 of the mixture, so I had to get out a second casserole dish. My 2 qt. turquoise Starburst promo dish was begging for the job, and probably would have been big enough for the whole lot, but I divided it between the two dishes so no one's feelings were hurt.

Cover and bake in a 325 degree oven for 45 minutes. Sprinkle with shredded cheese (I used a mixture of jack and cheddar) and bake, uncovered, about 5 more minutes.

The verdict- everything tastes better in Pyrex, and even more so in a rarely used promotional piece! Thank goodness, because this dish was bland, bland, bland. I was kind of hoping it would be more like a cheeseburger casserole, but it wasn't. I would definitely add a can of diced tomatoes/green chiles to the mix to give it a bit more zing. I think with that addition it would be pretty good. But it was easy and required only the one frying pan, so that wasn't bad!

For more photos and step by step pictures, visit my blog

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Floral Bubbles

It's rare for me to go out shopping with all of my children on the weekend (my husband works weekends), however a few thrift stores in the area have most of their items for 50% off on Saturdays. We were on the hunt for quite few things. I found this 2 1/2 quart casserole and couldn't pass it up. After returning home and doing a little online search I found out that it was a promotional piece and there are no others to go with it. Is that true?
The lid completely sold me. I love the cute little flowers and how they sort of jump off the lid. It's such a fun design.

Jan~ from just*imagine*heaven

Saturday, February 25, 2012

happiness is stacks of pyrex


Please meet my Pyrex finds for the past few weeks.

 The middle three (friendship, gooseberry and woodland brown) were found on eBay from a local seller. I was psyched to pay $6.50 for all, plus free delivery!

 I couldn't resist taking a photo of my view of the shelves.

I've had my eye on the Ivy Chip and Dip (sans holder) at an antique mall, but unfortunately they were waaaay overpriced. That is, until last week when I found them on the clearance table. Oh yeah, patience pays off.

I don't have a complete Friendship set or a complete turquoise set, so the two decided to combine into a new power set.

Please wander over to my blog, froog and doog, to see what other vintage finds I landed.

Happy Hunting!

How It All Began

Hello! My name is Jan and I'm so excited to be a part of this blog. My friend Heather blogs on PCII and told me about all of the PC sites. I began collecting Pyrex just this pass fall. My husband and I decided that we should get rid of all of our plastic storage containers in which we store our leftovers. My friend, Kellee, has been collecting Pyrex for quite some time and when I saw her dishes I got to thinking. Old vintage Pyrex comes in all sorts of cute designs and they would be perfect for storing our leftovers. Thus began my new addiction with collecting Pyrex. It's all I use for cooking now.
This set of Forest Fancies bake n' serve was my very first Pyrex purchase. I was so excited to find whole set and with lids! I find the little mushrooms to be fun and cute.

Not long after getting my Forest Fancies I received this fun set of Spring Blossoms mixing bowls as a gift. They've become a staple in my home. I use them daily in my cooking.

My collection has grown immensely in just a few short months. It might have something to do with living near many thrift stores and the fact that my children now love to thrift as well. I blog about our family adventures over at just*imagine*heaven, so feel free to visit and say, "hi." I have a lot more Pyrex to blog about, but I'll save that for another day. :)

Pyrex 911

A friend was given a lovely large Homestead Cinderella bowl. She gasped in horror when she saw this!

What you are witnessing here are someone's initials written on the handle of this beautiful bowl in...

wait for it...

nail polish!

This is a definite case of Pyrex abuse! Shame on them!

She texted me while I was out last evening asking how on earth to remove this without damaging the Pyrex? I had no idea what to tell her. She messaged back a short time later and said that acetone had done the trick. I can't guarantee acetone will work in every circumstance, but as a last ditch effort, it worked for her and the Pyrex is still nice and shiny!

What Pyrex abuse have you come across and somehow salvaged?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cinderella Promotion Casserole

Just wanted to share this unusual Pyrex cassserole.

It is listed in the "Pyrex by Corning: A Collectors Guide"
as a 2 1/2 quart Deluxe Cinderella Casserole (1958 promotion).

The gold on the hearts is not so uneven as my photo shows,
that must be from the flash. 

I've had this casserole for awhile, found it at Goodwill.
I couldn't get a photo of the white bottom, but it reads:

045  2 1/2 QT.

If anyone knows more about this piece, especially who it was a promotion for,
please post the information, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks & Have a Great Pyrex Day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just got this in the mail today. A very hard to find corning slow cooker with a polynesian 4qt casserole! It is a very nice piece!

I'm Addicted!

I fell under the spell of Pyrex after seeing Jeni's Blog "In Color Order" about quilting. I like to find my Pyrex at estate sales and thrift shops. I recently found these at an antique mall in eastern Washington. I'm interested in any info about the tart pan (484-B).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Arrivals To The 'Rex Family

An update on the red Pyrex casserole I posted about a few weeks ago. The pattern is called Golden Poinsettia. My friend and fellow vintage lover, Becky, wants this Pyrex to find a new home. Her adorable little ones are very rambunctious and she is worried it may get broken. She is also getting ready to move. Becky understands my love for Pyrex and wants it to go to someone who will really appreciate it...and that is ME!

Here's a pic of the 'Rex's new home in my kitchen cabinet. My personal collection is growing!

You will see a few different pieces here including my estate acquired Pyrex Sage Scroll casserole, the gigantic Golden Poinsettia Pyrex casserole, Royal China Blue Heaven saucers that my Granny gave me along with a yard sale found matching Fire King Blue Heaven oven dish, and finally the Pyrex Spring Blossom oven dish that my mother gave me.

Not pictured are my primary red Pyrex fridgie and small yellow Pyrex mixing bowl.

Click through to my blog to see my past Pyrex finds: The Thrifty Picker

What is your favorite Pyrex pattern or dish that you have acquired from friends or family?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Gooseberry

Here is my latest and greatest find - a Gooseberry casserole dish. It's my first piece of pink pyrex. I'm keeping my eyes open for lots more. I love the way pink when looks mixed with turquoise and jadite-green! The mugs are not labelled on the bottom, so I don't know much about them. The plates are (unfortunately!) not vintage. My mom scored them at a William Ashley sale a few years ago for about $2 each! Amazing find :)

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pyrex Potluck

Last night was potluck dinner at a friend's house (we are the Pyrex Posse!).  She's got lots of Pyrex, and I wanted to share some of her collection with PCIII.

The small bowl in the front has no markings on the bottom, but's cute anyway and has Pyrex friends around it for support.

Some of my friend's collection in her kitchen cabinets.  She's got a great stash!!

The dinner table.

And last but not least, my friend's dog, Petey, has a Pyrex water bowl!! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

playing with pyrex and light

I'm not ready to share my new finds, so I thought I'd share my most recent photos.

I was messing around with lighting, and I'm really happy with how my photos turned out.

I love making non-traditional sets.

Please visit my blog, froog and doog, to see more of my photos.

Happy hunting!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gold trillium casserole

Gold trillium, side 1 by johnvosh
Gold trillium, side 1, a photo by johnvosh on Flickr.

The design is actually in worse shape than what the pics showed in the eBay auction I bought it from. Oh well, still a nice piece. Says 475-b 2 1/2 quart and the ad says it is called Gold Trillium, but unsure of that as can't find any info on it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretty in Pink (and red)!

Just in time for Valentine's Day and as cute as can be.  A small pink Gooseberry casserole and Cinderella dish.

And some cups and saucers plus my regular old red nesting/mixing bowl in a family photo op.

A second family photo op.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doublemint Twins

Hello Pyrexians! Did you ask for Pyrex for Valentines day? I did. I asked my hubby for the large Sage Scroll/Green Scroll casserole. I had it picked out on Etsy. But, he told me that Pyrex wasn't a romantic enough gift and that he was buying me something else. A few days later and nice, big, flat screen monitor arrived via Fed Ex. I just love it! It is a big upgrade from what I was using and really helps out when I am in front of the screen for hours on end listing for the store and blogging. I heart it!

I was still thinking about that darn mint green Pyrex though. While at my first estate sale of the year, this is what I found:

Good things come to those who wait, right?! I think I am going to keep the small casserole and the large one will soon be up in my ebay store. Check out my other finds from the same estate sale over at my blog, The Thrifty Picker.

Some updates

Well it's been a few days since my last entry so here are some updates! Just got another piece for my charcoal snowflake dishes. I am now only missing the #945/045 2.5qt oval casserole in this pattern! I am also closer to having all the butter dishes, just need the woodland & spring blossom & clear ones to complete the set. I also have an amber one which I can't find anyone else who has it & it does say Pyrex on it!

As for my butterfly gold, I am now only missing the 8" square #922 pan. I bought a Corning slow cooker that comes with a 4qt #664 with the polynesian pattern on it. I'm also only missing the shallow 2.5qt dish in the golden honeysuckle pattern. I can't wait to get everything out and get some pics up! Oh and I also now have 2 sets of custard cups from the 40's in their original boxes and the one comes with the clear casserole & lid!

Early American 4qt oblong casserole

Just got this nice piece in the mail on Friday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Remind Me

Hello PC III authors. If you have a blog you'd like linked here, please fire off an email reminder to me monkeyintherocket@yahoo.ca I'm only too happy to do this. Cheers, Canadian Erin

New Refrigerator Dish

Hi, I'm Pam and posted for the first time last week (Double Tough). 
Sorry I forgot to introduce myself.  I'm thrilled to be included in the
Pyrex Collective III!

 I've been a Pyrex lover and user for years.  I  use all my pieces regularly,
 and my favorites are the refrigerator dishes.   Yesterday I found this
refrigerator dish at a local thrift store.

Unfortunately there was no lid, but I still thought it was a bargain for $2. 
It's rare for me to ever even find a refrigerator dish anymore. 
 Guess their  wonderful uses have been discovered. 

My fav use is for a one dish meal.  Bury the dish in the freezer,  knowing when you 
 need a dinner all I have to do is take it out, defrost some (or not) and bake. 
They are the perfect size for a couple leftover turkey dinners with all the trimmings!

What's your favorite use for them?  Would love to know.
Here's a photo of my other refrigerator dishes.

Besides Pyrex, I love and all things vintage, especially vintage tablecloths.
Come visit my blog sometime!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pyrex for some Milk Glass!

Hi everyone!  I am France from Passion of Milkglass, Collecting.
I have been collecting Milk Glass for quite a while now.
Thrifting and stopping by any yard sales to search for that special piece.

But I also come across some Pyrex.  And since I follow the Pyrex Collective,
I buy those special Cinderella bowls when I spot one!

Here is what I would like to trade for some Milk Glass goodies!
Two Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowls.  You can get more details
by visiting my blog!

I am proud to be part of such a collective!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Pyrex!

Hi PC3! I'm SusieQT from Practice in Time, and I'm so thrilled to be a contributor here. I succumbed to the Pyrex affliction last summer and have been collecting mostly Primary and Butterprint ever since.

I have been using Pyrex all my life, of course, but mostly the clear stuff. And as much as I love the colors and patterns... well, we all know they can't go through the dishwasher. And as a stay-at-home entrpreneur ;) with two small kids, I am all about the dishwasher.

So while I collect Pyrex to display and use (carefully) I often find myself relying on those pieces that are clear or just plain white for everyday use, and dishwashing!

And since I am also all about frugal living, I try to buy my pieces as cheap as possible. I prowl the thrifts, the yard sales, the flea markets, etc. for Pyrex.

There is nothing I like better than finding cheap Pyrex, except, of course, finding free Pyrex!

I nabbed these two cuties outside of one of my favorite thrifts, on the "Free" pile! I don't know how or why they got there, but heck, I'm not complaining! I will get lots of use out of the divided dish- I have a primary yellow one in which I usually bake a chicken leg or two on one side with the stuffing on the other. I also make my own bread every week, so the loaf pan will sure come in handy. It has the old style scalloped handles. The loaf pan has a few chips around the rim, but nothing that makes it completely unusable, while the divided dish is pristine. Not bad for being free!

Pop on over to my blog for more thrifting adventures and some fun projects!


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Pyrex kind of Monday!

Hello fellow Pyrexers!  I'm new to PCIII and very excited to be here.  I'm sharing a few recent finds:

....a lovely Blue Horizon Cinderella bowl....and....

some Skillet and Spoon plates plus a Spring Blossom Green butter dish.  About the plates - does anyone know much about this pattern?  I'm not sure if it's the right name.  A set of six plates for $12.  As for the butter dish, maybe not so exciting, but for 80 cents (yes, 80 cents) at an estate sale this weekend, I couldn't pass it up! 

Looking forward to sharing more finds and seeing everyone's posts!

Yummy Pyrex!

Hi fellow Pyrex fans! My name is Rachael and I am a new author to the Pyrex Collective III. My passion for Pyrex came out of the blue this past summer when I started blogging about new and vintage thrifted finds. I followed other blogs with similar interests and saw all of their cool vintage Pyrex pieces and instantly fell in love. My favorite Pyrex would be primary colored fridgies, with colorful casseroles a close second.

Here is a story about my most recent Pyrex sighting: 

A few days ago, I went to my friend Becky's house for a visit. She is getting ready to sell her house and has been cleaning, dumping, and organizing like crazy. She had mentioned to me on the phone that she found a Pyrex piece that I might enjoy seeing.

This is what I saw when I arrived:

I about fell over, look how beautiful it is! No cracks, chips, or interior utensil scrapes. 

Do you know where she found this lovely example of a Pyrex casserole? At the Goodwill for 7.99! Can you believe it. I mean, it even has the lid! How often do you come across something like this? Like, pretty much, never.

Quiz time! Does anyone know what this pattern is called?

To read the rest of this Pyrex story and to see more photos, come on over and visit my blog, The Thrifty Picker.

Thanks for taking a moment to read my first post here. I have more coming, so stay tuned :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Personal Blogs To Link

To all the new members of PCIII, please send me an email if you have a personal blog you'd like linked. Cheers, Canadian Erin monkeyintherocket@yahoo.ca

behold the saxony

I was so excited to have found two things on my vintage wishlist on Friday: Cathrineholm and Saxony!

I discovered the Saxony at an antique mall.

And I rescued the Catherineholm from a consignment shop.

 I also discovered the Gold Acorn Cinderella Oval Open Baker, vintage linens, vintage owls and the vintage grandpa sweater worn by my lovely model below.

Follow Blossom to froog and doog to see all of my finds, as I know she wants you to follow her. She likes attention.