Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally, some Christmas Pyrex!

Hi all, SusieQT here from Practice in Time. I have been enviously admiring all the Christmas Pyrex here on the Collectives and wishing I could find some of my own. And today I did!

Since my kids are out of school, I had a full day I could devote to thrifting. I drove to a thrift I have had good luck at recently (see New Dots) and when I walked in, the shelves were nearly bare. Apparently the Christmas rush had stripped the shelves almost clean and they hadn't yet received many donations due to the holiday. I was prepared to be disappointed.

But look what I found sitting there, amongst an almost complete set of Forest Fancies (which I left there):

Yes, a 1960 Holiday Promo Casserole! Now, it is not pristine by any means. Someone really loved this bowl- it looked like there have been countless batches of mashed potatoes mixed in it, and I have never seen a casserole with so much wear to the paint around the handles. It seems like it has been used and used and used!

Which is fine with me. I love that someone really cherished this piece like I will- except that I don't think I'll be using it quite so hard!

It was also a bit more than I would like to have paid at $9.50. Considering the condition, I would have paid about half of that and felt good about it. At $9.50, well, I guess it was a splurge, but when am I likely to ever see one again? And now I have my Christmas Pyrex present!


  1. It is okay that it was used, like you said someone really loved it! I am so glad you found some Christmas Pyrex!
    I have the same one with the original lid and I LOVE it!
    Good score!

  2. Ohhh... NICE! I like that someone actually used it well -- it tells a story.

  3. Nice find! I have been collecting Pyrex for years and never came across that one!

  4. Excellent find! I've never found any holiday Pyrex in the thrifts so even at that price I think it's fantastic.

  5. Good for you! Still on the hunt for Christmas Pyrex around here. Happy new year!