Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cat Adventures in Pyrex

My boyfriend has begun his Christmas shopping for me.. with my own help, of course! He knows I wanted Pyrex but still asked for my help in finding some pieces.

Our cats seemed pretty excited over the purchases too...So, just for fun, here are some pics :)

Looking into the matching nut grinder for possible snacks.

"Let me help you with that price tag."

(He was crazed!! Maybe he is smiling.)

Total approval from Pyrex lovers of all kinds :)

Happy Pyrexing :)
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  1. First, your cats are adorable! =) I am glad they like your finds!!

    And i love them too! BTW, Do you have a turquoise and white kitchen?

    1. Thank you :) there was a stray family of cats that I found last year after one kitten was hit by a car (so sad!!!). I found a home for mom, and one other baby. And then my boyfriend let me keep these two at his house! They are now fat, happy, and indoor only since it's a busy street.

      I am between my parents' beige kitchen, snd my boyfriends black kitchen. My future kitchen will indeed be turquoise :) sometime soon. One more year or so of school, then life is mine! Id love to see everyones full kitchen pics!!!

    2. I LOVE cats. I have two of my own. Own is an orange tabby and the other is a black cat. Got them from the SPCA =) That is soo nice that you saved them!!! I love animal lovers!

      I see....Yes, you will need to get a turquoise kitchen one day...soon im sure!
      If you do show some pics!!

      My kitchen is red and white. Usually I change my mind all the time but I am still loving red and white.

      I love my kitchen, soon I will be adding a black and white checker floor, to make it more vintage. The good thing about my apartment is that the cabinets are from the 50's!
      I will show some pictures of my kitchen...I will post some soon on my blog, you can check it out here

  2. I also collect turquoise and white. I just made dinner in that snowflake casserole tonight! I have the same nut chopper but I have yet to find the grinder at a reasonable price. Your cats are adorable! I have two kitties too and they are always oh so very helpful.

    1. Awesome! Im just as passionate about cats as pyrex... Luckily I dont collect both though :)

      The nut grinder was $4, so even if it doesnt work well (not sure yet) it was worth the risk. The chopper was $6, also good price. Cant wait for Christmas to officially be able to use them!

  3. Too cute! I have that same casserole and it is something I use a lot.