Thursday, December 13, 2012

They Were Really Heavy...

A few weekends back I visited my home town for some shopping. Originally it was just supposed to be at Ikea, but last minute we decided to hit up all my old favorite thrift shops. I'm beyond glad that I did!

I found the above set of Pyrex dishes, loads of them actually. There were piles of them, I only picked up 24. I'm not 100% sure I needed them, but I'm glad they came home with me

I also found all the pieces in the second photo, two new gravy boats, some casseroles and a little fridgie!

you can read more about this thrift trip on my blog, and you see a bunch of my pyrex collection here!.


  1. these are awesome! congrats on finding them.

  2. You only bought 24 pieces?! Good for you and your restraint:-) I would have probably bought all of it. I love the restaurant ware Pyrex. That gray pattern is pretty hard to find so you go quite a great score!

    Happy Holidays,


  3. Great finds - the dishes must've been from a restaurant.

  4. Downloaded the blogger app and it is finicky- sorry if this posts twice! So jealous, I def would have bought it all!! Someday :) great score!