Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Like a Pyrex Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like... Pyrex...everywhere I go...

I decided it was time to change out my hutch to a more seasonally appropriate Pyrex configuration. Mixed in are some of my other recent Christmas finds such as Gurley candles, Christmas Lego figures (my son's contribution), and vintage ornaments. I think I'm sore today from moving everything around last night. It still needs a little rearranging but I'm pretty happy with it. I wish there had been a space saver made (548 or 575) with red on it. The only Christmas color I really have in that is my green Golden Wheat. I decided to put my Golden Pines in instead, though. I put vintage ornaments in my Flameware and my Harlequin Anchor Hocking Chip and Dip set.

Vintage Gurley candles
I have had a lot of fun these past few weeks hunting down some great Shiny Brite, Paragon, Coby, and Pyramid vintage ornaments. My best find was two packages of Shiny Brites at the Goodwill Outlet for a whopping total of $.65! At the outlet, you pay for your glass items by the pound. $.69 per pound to be exact. I was so surprised that these fragile glass ornaments weren't crushed sometime between their time arriving at Goodwill and making it on the floor in the bins. It is so loud there you almost feel like you've been to a rock concert when you leave. I also had a lucky stop at The Salvation Army at their last Friday of the month sale. I had seen some Pyrex Flamingo plates, bowls and saucers there about a month earlier and was disappointed to see that they were asking $38.00. I couldn't rationalize spending that for them. I was surprised to find that they were still there when I happened to stop in. So, I got them for half price. If any one needs any Flamingo saucers let me know. I know own fifteen of them. I really only wanted the bowls and plates but they were a set. I also found four Corning Christmas mugs which I had been looking for too. I also finally got my shiny primary 402 that I've been looking for since I began collecting. It was actually completely covered in grease but I could tell that there was some shine underneath. It took a long soak in oven cleaner and looks great! I still have to work on some stubborn grease clinging to the bottom of the rim. Overall, I've had some good Pyrex mojo. The one piece that I can't find for a price I'm willing to pay is the Christmas 404. If I can somehow get my husband to read this maybe he would get me one for Christmas. Hint. Hint.
Vintage ornaments in vintage Flameware ( I had to remove the innards)
I hope that all you Pyrex collectors and lovers out there are enjoying your Pyrex and have the happiest of happy holidays! I can't wait to see everyone's Pyrex Christmas gifts and decorations.


  1. So fun and bright! Love your stripes- and snowflakes are so great this season! Magnificent :)

  2. Love all of your Pyrex! Looks great the way you displayed it all.

  3. Wow you have smashing collection it looks gorgeous all laid in your cupboard. Do i spi a Cathrineholm orange and white pot there in your picture to ;-)dee x

  4. You display is amazing! I am so envious of your collection of Space Savers. Don't you love decorating with Pyrex?

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Great collection and display. Love the idea of the shiny balls in the clear Pyrex.