Friday, December 7, 2012

Orange Butterprint - No Way!!!

This is my first post to the collective even though I have had the ability to do so for quit some time.  I wanted to wait until I had something special to share with everyone, and unfortunately , the thrifts have been a bit stingy as of late.  But, as I was wandering through my old antique mall, I stumbled upon this gem and I knew the time for a Collective post was right.  It is the first time I have ever seen the lovely, drool worthy orange Butterprint in the real world.  Isn't it pretty?!  It has been dish-washed half to death, but a little Bar Keepers Friend goes a long way and now it looks much better.  It's not a piece that could be sold at my booth in clear conscience, which is ok with me because I love it so much!  I don't even care that it isn't one of my standard colors for my personal collection.  It's my precious!  

Does anyone else have a piece that isn't what you normally collect, but it was just so awesome that you couldn't possibly let it go? I know I'm not the only one!  This is the second one like that this week!


  1. Fabulous!! I almost bought a set for $70 but couldnt justify it since i dont collect orange. But i also dont collect yellow but when i found a yellow stripe 401, i couldnt say no!!

  2. Yes! I collect turquoise and white (mainly butterprint) but I found two orange butterprint bowls at a flea market and couldn't leave them behind! I have yet to see the pink butterprint in real life but I have a feeling that if I do it will come home with me as well!

  3. Love the orange Butterprint, too! Don't hate me, but I bought the entire 4 piece set from an antique mall for $27.00 last Spring. It is in perfect condition and I am pretty sure the seller didn't know what in the world they had. It is one of my display sets. I am not a huge fan of the divided dishes but I have picked up a few just because the patterns are so great.

    Congrats on your score!


  4. I really do like the orange butterprint also the pink, they are very unique.

    I do not have neither I have the turquoise.

    If I stumble upon them for a good price I would deff bring them home with me!

  5. Love the orange Butterprint! I got the 2 middle size bowls from CL for something like $12. Have yet to see any orange anywhere else.

    I have some 2.5 QT casseroles.. I don't like them. Too big.

  6. If it's a good price, it's very hard for me to pass it up.