Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

I, like most of the world, seemed to have 3,478 things to accomplish today. Instead of making a dent in the list, I went thrifting, and then later ran over to a nearby antique store.  How's that for priorities?!

(It seems that contributing to and reading this blog has made me hanker for Pyrex even more. Thanks everyone, for feeding my addiction.)

The thrift store turned up nothing, but I noticed some Pyrex patterns 
I'd never seen before at the antique store:

I found out the top left is called 'Hex Signs' and the bottom left greenish-gold (gorgeous...) is the Medallion Promo, but I couldn't find any information on the blue tulips on the right. It was definitely Pyrex. 

Sadly, they were all out of my price range for the day, 
as were the coveted mint condition pink and lime baking dishes: 

I also gave the mixing bowls a miss: 

Other items spotted included Americana mixing bowls in fall colors, the red and yellow dot mixing bowls, and even two Pyrex plates. I debated getting the plates -- in the end I decided they weren't worth the price for their condition. 
But I did manage to find this lovely little Butterprint cinderella mixing bowl: 

I have seen a ton of the full cinderella sets around here, but I never wanted to pay the asking price, nor do I have the space. But one little bowl at only $5? Sure -- I can squeeze that into a cabinet! 

Along the way, I also picked up these two fridgies -- 
one small and one mid-sized:

(I can always justify fridge purchases -- most of the time they're actually in the fridge storing stuff, so there's not really a 'space' issue.)

I've always liked the look of Butterprint -- it reminds me of the farming area of the world where I live. Since I'm never really far from the Amish, or any farmer for that matter, it seemed only appropriate that I add these pieces to my collection. 

I picked up the fridgie on the right (and that fun tea towel in the earlier photo) during a weekend antique sale a few months back. When I photographed them all together, I noticed how much different the shade of turquoise was on the first fridgie I bought compared to the ones I picked up today. It is much more green than blue, really. 

Has anyone else noticed a difference in some of the shades of their Pyrex? 
Or were they actually manufactured with different colors at some point?

I'm sure everyone has their holiday baking complete, but if you're like me, and you went shopping today instead of cooking, then you may still need a dessert for tomorrow, or anytime, really! Pie is always a good choice, no matter what time of year. Here's a never-fail pie crust recipe, straight from an Amish cookbook -- I'd give credit if I could remember which one.

Looking forward to seeing more of your Pyrex in use over the holidays. Merry Christmas, everyone!



  1. LOVE Butterprint! It is one of my favorite patterns! ESP in turquoise.

    1. It's fast becoming my new favorite! I still love Butterfly Gold, but the turquoise actually looks so nice together with it ;)

    2. It really does look great with Butterfly gold! I have them both together on my kitchen cabinets. Love them both!

  2. Good finds - I would've let the expensive stuff there too, much as it would've pained me!
    I wonder if Pyrex left in the sun would explain the color difference?

    1. I'm not sure... but there is a definite color difference! The greenish one doesn't look much more used than others, but maybe the color just faded somehow. I still wonder if Pyrex just didn't use a different shade at some point in production?