Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pyrex, Pyrex and more Pyrex

Well, I have been scoring at the antique stores rather than the thrift stores lately on Pyrex.
I have not been to a thrift store in about 2 weeks, this Friday I will try again.
I have been going to antique stores and have been scoring big time!

This past weekend I went to Upstate NY and have some nice finds to share with you...

My first purchase of the day was this Promotional divided dish "Barbed Wire" with lid.
I got it for $16!
It is in perfect condition and came with the lid! I think this pattern would look great with some Pink Pyrex!

at the same antique store as soon as I walked in I spotted these two awesome "Rainbow Stripes" bowls.
One is a blue/turquoise 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl in MINT condition, got it for $8!
and in the same dealer booth it came with the cream colored mixing bowl which is 1 1/2 Qt. got that also for $8!
Both are in Mint condition.
My first pattern on this "Rainbow Stripes".
Love it!

Next antique store a few miles away I found some nice things also...

I found this "Orange Fiesta" Promotional casserole dish in MINT condition!
I almost flipped when I saw it, I love fruit so fruit mixed with Pyrex is awesome for me!
Got it for $21

the antique store across the street I found my favorite piece..

Got this "Pink mixing bowl" 4 Qt! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it!
I almost fell over running to go get it!
This is also my first piece in this color.
I got it for $25, it was priced $38 but since the owner knows us and we go in there often
she took some money off of it which I was glad for!
Now, I need the rest of the 3 mixing bowls to complete this set.

and one of my favorite patterns I have found in a casserole (woo hoo!)
Butterprint! I was almost going to buy a 3 piece set with lids in one of the stores but it was priced at $49 bucks and for me that is too much for that, and he marked it down to $44 but still was a little bit much!
so the antique store across the street I found this 1 Pt casserole dish with lid, in mint condition
got it for $10, maybe I paid a bit much for it but I really wanted the casserole and have none in this pattern for lidded casserole dishes.

On this same trip my friend scored BIG TIME on Butterfly Gold. She just got into it because she has Butterprint and I opened her eyes to look for more Pyrex!
(I know I am a bad influence when it comes to Pyrex!) =)

That is all for this haul, Friday I will be going to some thrifts and also an awesome antique center in CT so hopefully I score even bigger! =)

Happy Holidays!


  1. Awesome finds! I have the barbed wire promo too and it is one of my favorite promo patterns. Sometimes we just have to fall off of the thrifting wagon and get our Pyrex fix at the antique malls despite the inflated prices.

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Thank you =) The barbed wire promo is really really nice! In person it is much nicer than I thought.
      I have been falling off from the thrifting a little bid only because there is no Pyrex! But the antique prices aren't too bad the ones that are outrageous I run away from lol!

  2. Love the stripes - that is a pattern I don't have any of - maybe someday....

    1. Yes, the stripes are is my first of this pattern. I never thought I would find it at all and I did so I am sure you will score too =)

  3. Ahh I LOVE the stripes!! So pretty!!

  4. Dig the stripes!

    I'm going to be going thrifting this Friday too! Haven't been going as much either, fingers crossed for both of us!

    1. I will cross my fingers for you! I always go on Fridays, thats my ritual. But there hasn't been much Pyrex like it always is so I am going to give it a try this Friday and HOPEFULLY we will both come home with some great finds...I am also heading to the antique center so I know I will find some nice things there!

      And yes the strips are awesome!

  5. Yay! Great funds :) where in upstate ny did you go?

    1. I went to Standfordville in Dutchess County and Red Hook NY. Do you know these places?

  6. I'd love to find stripes or pink around here. The only pink piece I've ever seen was a pie plate in a yard sale, but it had very bad dishwasher damage and the lady tried to tell me it was supposed to be that way. The funniest - she had some round lid on it too (not even a Pyrex one) saying that it came with it. I have yet to see stripes in person. You lucked out!

    1. Are you serious? She has NO IDEA what she is talking about!! so funny you gotta laugh.
      This was my first time seeing strips in an antique store....

  7. stripes! so jealous, they have been on my want list for so long

    1. =) Mine too!!!
      You will find them, try some antique centers...sometimes in the thrifts you really do not find what you want all the time, so I cheat and go into antique centers! =)