Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Delivered!

After a disaster start to my pyrex hunting day (the one thrift that never lets me down, let me down, tried a new place for lunch and it sucked) I thought I was doomed. But it ended very nicely! Christmas came early! :)

weekend haul 

First up I found the butterfly gold at goodwill. It was priced with 3 stickers, one said $1.45, the other said $3.99, and the last said $8.99 (gasp! almost $9! Outrage!) I took it to the counter and when I asked how much it was the lady replied "Well, I only see one sticker on it, and it says $1.49." So I purchased it and when I said thank you she asked me "What is it with all you girls who love old lady grandma dishes?" LOL I guess there was a girl in the goodwill before me who picked up some Pyrex. I can't help but wonder what treasures she picked up....

I love this size of dish! So useful, and I have a soft spot for butterfly gold, as it was the pattern I grew up with :)

Next up my man and I went browsing in some antique stores looking for some Christmas gifts. It was there I spotted a beautiful holiday piece! I have been wanting a holiday piece so much, I love the red ones. And here it was---a lovely, large, Golden Leaf Promo!!! *Swoon* But for $18 it was going to have to wait. There was also a red hostess set and a pattern I had never seen before but was intrigued by. But still, didn't want to pay antique store prices so I let it be.
Then my man swooped in and bought all 3 pieces for me! It was such a delightful holiday treat!!!
Love this one so much!Right now it is full of delicious treats!

I'm very excited about this one! My yellow hostess set is one of my favorites! One of the little dishes is way more orange-ish than the others, but still an adorable set.

Olive Medallion, never had seen or heard of this pattern. It took a lot of Google searches to find it and get a name. Even still I didn't find much. Anyone have any intel on this pattern/piece? 
Happy Holidays to all the Collective!! May the rest of your year be merry, warm, and full of pyrex! xoxo


  1. That was very nice of him!!! Lovely gifts....

  2. I've never seen olive medallion before, its so freakin pretty!

  3. Hurray! Great finds!! Brownie points for your significant other :)

  4. Pyrex gifts are the best gifts and you certainly scored!

    Merry Christmas,


  5. Awesome score on the Butterfly Gold - wow!

  6. Great price on the BG. You are lucky to have someone supporting your Pyrexia!

  7. As you probably know, you have a good man! I have the golden leaf in the original box, but I paid the price on ebay! You really got some great stuff, happy holidays to you!