Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pyrex I left for you, again.

It has been a sad few weeks with very little Pyrex findings in my life. I have seen some but nothing that has come home with me. Oh the life of a collector. 

These had to stay at the store. The Town and Country was way to much money for one bowl marked at 12.50 (maybe I am cheap?) and the poor Verde 043 was DWD. Not even a good price just to have it for the lid. It was $8. 

I found some others but left them all too. 
You can see them over at

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

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  1. Yeah, I've been looking everyday and the best I've done in the past few is a really nice 441 Cinderella Homestead. It's not my pattern, but I went back when it was half off for $1.50 and I got it for my friend who I've given a couple Homestead refrigerator dishes. The only other stuff have been DWD or too damaged and Old Orchard which just doesn't appeal to me. I've been going a lot this week and just don't know if there isn't much or someone else is getting it before me.