Monday, September 16, 2013

Percolater Parts! I found them all!

I found where all those percolator parts are hiding. In a dinky town in the middle of Michigan! That is where I found all these (I didn't buy all of them!) at a flea market. 
They have bodies of percolators too.

I had a blast thifting in a different state last month.
  I didn't like having to take this all on a plane with me. 
You can see all the details  over at

So if you live in the middle of nowhere in Michigan I will gladly share with you where all those percolator parts have been hiding. Fair warning, there is odd stuff at this flea market..... you might want to carry hand sanitizer. (see the details at the link above regarding the gross thing I found, I won't burn your eyes here)

Happy Hunting, 
Treasure hunter

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