Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goose, Goose, Goose!

Last week was our 29th wedding anniversary and my dear husband surprised me with Pyrex! Pink Gooseberry that is!

He enjoys looking for Pyrex also...head over to my blog The Vintage Shelf to read more about how he found these beauties, kept them a secret for three months, and finally surprised me with them!

Also this past week, I had a few Pyrex thrift finds!

This Friendship refrigerator dish was $5 and I have a spare lid for it.  Such a pretty design!

This turquoise dinnerware serving platter was at the Goodwill and cost $2.99.  I felt lucky to find it as there is hardly every any Pyrex...but I can't keep myself from checking regularly.  This week it paid off.

This 2.5 quart Golden Honeysuckle was at Thrift Town and was $7.  I used it yesterday for a hashbrown casserole and it worked great!  It is a fun shape and more exciting than a boring 9x13 pan!

Best wishes,

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  1. That is about the sweetest Pyrex story I've heard yet -- what a great surprise! Those are some good thrift finds too - I've never seen Friendship at a thrift store. I always have my eyes peeled for those turquoise plates -- good score!