Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black Rooster

While on vacation I spent a few days in Flint, Michigan. 
 I am sorry to all who live there. Your thrift stores are junk. I hope you all are finding more than I did.  At least you have fatty amazing food.

I did however come home with this guy:

My Mother-in-law gave him to me.  Along with metal lid and glass lid. I just need the cradle. 
 I think she may like me. I got very lucky to have such a wonderful Mother-in-law. 

All the other stuff I found was boring. You can check that out at treasuresmyhh.blogspot.com ~ flint mi dearest to my heart

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter


  1. Nice! I have never seen one with a metal lid. My mom grew up in Flint, but it wasn't so bad back then.

  2. Love this one!! Haven't bought one yet, but it is sure nice for fall decorating!