Monday, September 30, 2013

My Thrift Store Finds in the Last Week

Hubby starts teaching today, so last week we scoured the thrifts daily while we/he had the time!  I've gotta admit, I'm burned out!  Burned some gas and put some wear on the old shoe soles!  I didn't find the things I dream of, but here's a glimpse for those wondering what was out there.

With the exception of the Crazy Daisy 401 (or old Spring Blossom pattern), everything was in good or excellent condition.  I was 99% sure I had that 401, but took it anyway.  The 401s were priced 1.99 to 3.99. With store discounts and/or 10% hubby gets--brought the prices down a little.  I still didn't pay more than 2.99 for any one 401.  The 402s were priced 1.99 to 3.99 as well.  Most expensive piece was the Town and Country divided dish I paid $4.50 for.

I forgot a piece when I took the picture...

I also got this 442 Gold Butterfly Cinderella bowl to complete my set!  That was exciting.  I also pick up Fire King Swiss Chalet when I run into it so I was thrilled to get these custard cups!

There were plenty DWDs, most notably a sad set of pink gooseberry Cinderella bowls 442,443,444 selling for $19.99!



  1. Good finds! I had some good finds the other day.

    Check them out at


  2. I would die to see prices like that at thrifts around here! YOu got some great deals!

    1. If only there were the colors and patterns I REALLY want. It's still fun none-the-less! Sometimes the prices are much higher--they seemed to be a bit lower this time around.

  3. All of those patterns are pretty readily available at our thrifts. They just aren't very popular in my neck of the woods. I'm happy to see them go home with someone who will enjoy them :-)


    1. I hear you Erica! They aren't high on my list either! I'm keeping my hopes up that something more exciting will come along soon. I end up giving some of this away in the end.