Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pyrex and Vintage Clothing

It has been awhile since I have posted but I wanted to share my neat vintage Sears and Roebuck dress that I scored at my favorite local 50s and 60s store "The Future Antiques" here in St. Louis. The day I bought this dress, I also found this beautiful Green Wheat 1960s promotional space-saver with the cradle. It was tucked away in a corner on their floor and is in excellent condition!

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  1. Beautiful! I loooove TFA. It was my favorite vintage store when I still lived in St. Louis

    - Susie

  2. I think that the pattern on that space saver is pretty rare so major score for you!


  3. That dress is super cute on you! Great find! And great Pyrex score. I've never seen that one in the wild before.

  4. Love that space saver -- I found one a while back, but I'm still hunting for the cradle. That dress is super cute too!

  5. thanks pyrex vision really enjoyed shopping and happy with my dresses