Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Weekend's Finds

Our little family hit some yard sales and estate sales this past weekend. After a full morning of well over ten stops I managed to find some Pyrex, but not much. Here in the Old Pueblo pickers are scooping it up to sell at various antique malls and curated junk shops (I kid you not) at inflated prices. I'm a SAHM so when I'm out and about I'll run into a thrift store to check out stock and have come away empty handed each and every time. So, feeding of my Pyrex addiction is best done via yard sales.

Friday my husband came with me to do the bus drop off and on the way home stop off at a few sales. I found the brown 441 you see on the top right for $.25. It's pretty faded and was well used, but for a quarter I can use it as a prep bowl. I do a lot of baking and always have need of such bowls.

The other three pieces I found at an estate sale Saturday. We have a high number of retirees in my city so estate sales are plentiful, with professional companies running them and commensurate inflated prices as the sales company looks to get its cut.

At this particular estate sale I went straight for the kitchen and scooped up all the pieces you see, except the previously mentioned brown 441 bowl. I wasn't sure if I really wanted them but knew I had to lay claim in order to continue my wanderings through the house. My husband took them from me as I did so and by the time I met him back at the front they were wrapped and on an invoice---and thus they came home with me.

On the lower right is a Fire King 436 in the snowflake pattern. We're planning a big open house this holiday as part of Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas so I splurged. It was $4, which is steep but it was an estate sale; Ive seen this at our antique mall for $12. 

In the center are the 441 and 442 in Butterprint. These are in good condition, with minor staining on the bottom. The 441 was $3 and the 442 $4. On the left is the 043 in Golden Acorn; it was also $4 (no lid, though) and has some minor scratching but the gold leaf is in good condition.

Perhaps I paid too much, likely so. The thrift stores here are a Pyrex desert; I have yet to find Pyrex at any store, only at the curated junk shops and antique malls. I am on the hunt for some rectangle casseroles and refrigerator dishes and in more than a year of looking have yet to find one at a yard sale. With cooler weather finally here we are hitting prime yard sale season so perhaps I will get lucky soon!



  1. Nice finds! I got a Golden Acorn two years ago in pretty much the same condition. I found a lid for it this past summer and I use it all the time. Lids are a great reason to keep up the hunt. Love the Butterprint!

  2. I have the golden acorn space saver, with lid. Not loving that pattern now as I used to. Nice finds on the butterprint (one of my favorite patterns)

  3. I have the golden acorn space saver, with lid. Not loving that pattern now as I used to. Nice finds on the butterprint (one of my favorite patterns)

  4. Congrats on the Butterprint! I'm always excited to find any of it. I need to find a 442 to complete my set, just found the 441 not too long ago--couldn't believe it.

    I think the same is true where I am. I told my husband I think people are picking the good stuff as finding any seems almost impossible at the thrifts.

    I got my golden acorns all cheap and in great condition. I'm going to use them over the holidays. Gold seems so festive!

  5. I don't think you paid too much at all. I have seen those same pieces at estate sales in my area being sold for twice those prices! Congrats :-)


  6. I agree with Erica, I think those prices are great! I'm in the same boat in the area I live, I can't tell you the last time I saw a piece of Pyrex in the thrift shops, even ones that are DWD! I completely depend on yard sales during the summer, to keep my collection going. I do occasionally buy from ebay when I am desperate :)

  7. Thanks everyone! I'll be able to do more yard sales now that temps are finally dipping below 100 degrees. I'm hoping to find some good stuff!