Monday, June 10, 2013

Found this Buffet Twins Promo (Minus a twin) from a Senior Center store for $5.  I'm sure I will stumble on the twin somewhere!
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  1. I will keep my eye out for the twin for you. I have the smaller, white versions with lids but no cradle. Why can't we ever find things complete?


  2. Nice. Won't be too hard to find the missing piece, I don't think! But I know, what's the deal? Why's it so hard to find stuff complete?

  3. Lucky! I found one of the bowls, but nothing else. This is one of my favorite pieces, I dream of finding the rest of the set!

  4. Love, love, love it. Your five dollar find gives me hope that one day I too will find that rare promo piece for a song.
    Well done!
    Canadian Erin

  5. Funny they kept the extra lid but not the dish. Makes you wonder if it got broken while getting ready for the sale!