Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Use for that margarine tub finally.

I don't use margarine. I use butter and bacon grease. I used to have this jelly jar that held my bacon grease but it broke yesterday. I almost cried. 

The only suitablee replacement I had at the moment was a lidless Butterfly Gold Margarine tub. 
It works, and is a great size. 

RIP jelly jar. 

Pyrex in action! 

Now I wil be on the hunt for one of those drippings jars.
 Maybe I will even stumble upon a Pyrex one. (We can all wish right!?)

Happy Hunting


  1. It looks like to broke perfectly straight. Crazy!

    1. It did. It was crazy weird how it broke. Perfectly straight and smooth (that death if you touch it type smooth)

  2. Great idea! I have wanted a fireking grease jar for a while, but now I should just use the spring blossom margarine tub!

  3. too funny... I just found the same one of those 2 days

  4. I use mine for cream cheese. Hate margarine too!