Sunday, June 23, 2013

My "Accidental" Pyrex Collection

Pyrex Pals..
I have a confession to make.
I think I'm a Pyrex collector.
See, I tried to deny the fact that I was actually collecting the stuff for a long time.
"Oh, this large shelf of Pyrex? That's just some stuff I pick up here and there, you know... at garage sales and stuff. I'm really don't collect it..."
But the other day, I decided to put all my Pyrex in a cabinet, just to see how it looked.

Well, it looked pretty darn good..
But it filled the cabinet all up!
I've collected enough of the stuff to fill up a cabinet!

But it looks so pretty...

Here is the top part of the cabinet.... you can see my pretty fridgies, partial Early American set ($12 for 3 bowls... its kind of homely, but it was such a bargain!), a Wheat bowl, a stack of early solid color Pyrex, a set of Shenandoah casseroles (with a duplicate small one), and my beloved Snowflakes! There is a long lasagna/cake pan tucked in-between the top and bottom portions (I think that was $1.50 at the thrift, the price tags are still on it somewhere) with a Snowflake garland butter and a lil' pink fridgie sitting out with it.

Next we have the bottom.. sorry for the icky lighting! It was stormy out when I took the picture! You see an Early American casserole, a pinecone big fridgie, two little blue bowls from the primary set, a Town and Country baker topped by a Butterfly Gold Bowl ($1 at a a garage sale), and that's a Terra little covered casserole there on the far right. On the bottom we have a Verde divided casserole, a Spring Blossom casserole, a set of Old Orchard casseroles (the middle one doesn't have a lid!), and my Butterfly Gold casserole + partial set of Cinderella bowls!

Here's the top of the cabinet, topped with some of my best deals! The Pyrex Promo with holder and lid was $2 from a garage sale, so was the big tan casserole (I forgot the pattern name!), the divided dish underneath it was only a quarter. The blue dish with no lid, but holder, was nabbed for $1!

And there you see all the little Pyrex tucked away in its mod display cabinet.
Doesn't it look pretty?

Best of wishes in all your Pyrexing,

Sam in MN


  1. Great "accidental" collection.... I kinda found myself in the same position.. finding great pieces here and there and the next thing ya know, collection.
    I love the black snowflake....

    Marianne in Maine

  2. It looks great! Nothing wrong with having a little of this and a little of that... : )

  3. I would say that is the kind of accident you want to have happen! Nice collection!

    Ranae -