Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Great Little Finds

With yard sales in full swing I've been keeping my eye out for any Pyrex that may be overlooked by those who aren't as crazy about it as we all seem to be . I was at one yard sale that included several families , I slowly walked around carefully gazing for any hidden Pyrex I spotted a cute little creamer.... I handed it over to the lady seated collecting the payments and asked how much they wanted . She looked it over and as she handed it back to me said... "oh .50 cents will be fine " .... my heart leap as I quickly pulled the change from my pocket book.

My other fun little find was  a margarine dish with the lid for $1.99. This was tucked behind a few items at the GoodWill when I saw this... I already have a Butter Dish so I was excited to find this. I love finding all the pieces in different patterns and mix matching everything...

Happy Pyrexing to all


  1. That little creamer is so cute! I've never seen anything like it before.


  2. I love that creamer :) Isn't it great to find things so cheap at yard sales.