Monday, June 24, 2013

Orange Butterprint!

Hi PC, SusieQT here!

I had to take my son to camp this week. And it's not really close enough to home that I can drop him off and go back, so I decided to hit a few thrifts in my old neighborhood to pass the time.  I went to one in particular that has always been good to me in Pyrex (I found my starburst there, lo so many years ago for a couple of bucks). And what did I find this time? Why, only an orange Butterprint 402!!!!!

And for $3.50, it went home with me.

I also got this state glass, Florida, for my latest collection. I now have 4 (Vermont, Tennessee and Maryland are the others), so that means only 46 more to go, LOL. I also found an amazing MCM wooden wall hanging and a gravel art piece. It was a good day for both of us!

I found some killer FireKing this week, too, if you're into that kind of stuff...
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  2. Orange butterprint for $3.50!?! Yes please! So jealous, lucky you!

    Pyrex Thrifter Sisters

  3. I love my orange Butterprint set. It is proudly displayed on top of my Pyrex cabinet. Fingers crossed you find the rest of the set and at those same awesome prices.

    BTW....I would have fought you for that Florida glass!


    1. Hehe, I was thinking of you when I bought it! ;)

  4. Oh stop! First a thrifted Starburst and now THIS?! That's awesome -- great score.

    1. To be fair, I bought the starburst close to 10 years ago for something like $3. I didn't 'collect' Pyrex at the time, and just thought it looked cool and 'atomic', which I was into then (still am.) Got lucky, I guess!