Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clear Fridgie Set!

A few weekends ago I had to go to Palm Springs about 2 hours away to watch my hubby's film at a film festival. He is so sweet. He let me go thrifting while him and my son went and saw Superman.

The film my hubby produced. 
There wasn't much there in terms of Pyrex but man they have a ton of thrift stores in Cathedral City!

My best score was a clear fridge set. Yeah newer stamps, but all with lids and in great condition. It would be the only clear Pyrex I own now.

You can see my other finds at treasures my husband hates.

Until then, check out the trailer for his film over at Vimeo



  1. Exciting! For some reason I can't watch the video... I'll try on my pc maybe it's just on iphone that redirects?

  2. If you click the word Vimeo it should redirect you to the video.

    I am loving the clear set. it is fun to see what it is in it. Like making my own patterns with jello! LOL