Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally Friendship!

I have NEVER seen Friendship in a thrift!  OK except some dead bowls you could hardly make out and I do have a couple of lids.  But never a full piece in perfect condition.  I was with my Mom at Goodwill.  I saw this clear down at the other end of the isle...and I ran.  My Mom was a bit stunned, and later said.  "I wonder what would have happened if someone got in your way?"


I put her in a display in my kitchen!


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  1. Yea, it's best just to not be in between a Pyrexer and her treasure. Someone is bound to get hurt!
    : )
    Great find! I've only found Friendship once at the thrifts and once at a yard sale. I don't know how some people see it so often then pass it up.

  2. Too funny - I always try to walk quickly and not look too excited when I see something... I'm worried someone will grab it if they see I'm soo crazy to get it ;)
    Great find... I haven't run across any FriendShip yet but fingers crossed.