Monday, March 25, 2013

Space Saver Squeals

I have never been one to squeal over much of anything, but over the weekend, my mother thought I was having a heart-attack, as we perused the first aisle of a thrift store. 

I don't often find much at this particular store -- a plate every now and again. They have a special 'antique' section where they jack up the price of items, sometimes even pricier than the actual antique store next door. (There is a set of Friendship bowls that I'm currently coveting for $65...)

I did however find my 501 Butterfly Gold fridge dish there several months ago... so I continue to check back every now and again, just in case

Sometimes, like on the day I found the fridge dish, I hit the jackpot.

Lo and behold, a green wheat space saver (sans cradle) for $8.50. 

I was lamenting my mistake in passing up a white snowflake on charcoal space saver a while back -- it had been in a showcase for over a month and when I finally decided I liked it enough to get it, it was gone. I think it was meant to be, though, since I found this one instead, even cheaper. 

The color really is gorgeous -- it's hard to see how brilliant it is in the photos. It has a few very tiny scratches on it... and one miniscule chip on the inside of the lid. It also had some black gunk caked on the sides... but a little Bar Keeper's Friend and this piece looks nearly new. 

What did you all find this weekend? 



  1. What a beauty! It looks amazing.
    I found a yellow 403 and an oval double candle cradle this weekend.

    1. It's fun to know other people are also out looking for Pyrex at the same time as me :)

  2. What a fun find and at a thrift - a miracle!

  3. Oh man, what a great find! Good for you!

  4. That's really neatt- never seen that one before! Space savers are my fave.

  5. This is just beautiful! I have a white milk glass type one that was my Mom's and the holder...every holiday it held the sweet potatoes..:)

  6. That is amazing! My favorite finds are the ones that you stumble on in the thrifts, and never thought you would.

  7. What a beautiful piece! I have never seen it before, and I love the color so much.