Friday, October 25, 2013

This *is* a Thrift Store, Right? Right?

My husband and I went to lunch the other day and on the cross-town trip home we hit my usual thrift store route (comprised of five non-profit charity stores on a two mile strip all on the same side of the street, very convenient!) on what Life magazine once names The Ugliest Street in America. The street doesn't look so hot now, so it must have been truly heinous back in the day.

Speaking of heinous, I thought I'd share some of what I found at some charity (read: donated goods) stores that claim to be thrift stores. Call me crazy, but I always thought the point of most non-profit thrift stores was to sell donated goods for a good cause at below retail prices. I seriously think the pricers flipped these items over, saw "PYREX" on the bottom, and thought to themselves, hrmmm, that's an automatic mark-up.

Yes, that says $25 for the four pieces, none with lids no less. I am amused at the mix of patterns Town and Country with Early American), it was on such a high shelf I couldn't even tell what the second bowl is. I had to take this picture with my camera over my head to even see all the goods for sale, because of course these were locked up in a glass case. 

How about $30 for these three pieces? They were locked up in a case with the four piece above as if they were precious goods, also on the top shelf so one could not examine closer.

This set of Butterfly Gold was at the same store as the two above items, but not locked up even though the price, $45, was much higher. I don't understand the logic. 

This set of Woodlands has been around at another store forever. Notice the white price tag, thus making it ineligible for the store's color-coded markdown system of 25%, 50%, 75% off certain older items based on tag color. They want $36 for this set.

I didn't even take pictures of the three DWD bowls I found, one at each of the remaining three stores. They were all 470s and each store wanted at least $4.

This was at Savers, not on my route but I had a Craigslist Pyrex parking lot sale meet up (clearing out for the things I really want) so I hit the store on the way home. The poor green 403 was so DWD yet it was $3. The fairly good Woodlands 403 was $4. I just don't understand. I don't collect Woodlands so I walked away. I'm no longer in the "must have all Pyrex I see" phase and instead have moved on to the "I only want this kind of Pyrex for this kind of price" phase. I figure the latter phase will take me more time to collect but I will also have the thrill of the hunt, right? I'll still pick up the occasional in-demand piece for trade or sale, though, as sometimes even I can't resist a great deal on a great piece!


  1. Don't let the name THRIFT fool you. Most thrift stores are for profit businesses.

    My local Saver's had a price increase. but sounds like that store got a little carried away.

  2. I'm with you, those prices are too high and I wouldn't have bit either. I have a lot of Pyrex and it's fun to find stuff, but I don't NEED anything. I get annoyed with prices on DWDs I see at one chain, they have some that have been sitting there for a week now-- who wants to spend $7 on a destroyed 503? I've been seeing a lot of things I could use in my collection but all DWDs, bummer.

    Hope you have better luck in the coming week.

  3. I regularly encoutner this. Some pieces so high it's unbelieveable, then others that are reasonable. I talked to someone at Goodwill about it. It depends on who is pricing. Everyone has there own opinion on what something is worth apparently. Strange system!

  4. I have a route that has two Goodwills, a Savers and a Salvation Army. The Savers is INSANE. I've seen full fridgie sets of Early American listed at a total of $40. A severely dishwashed sunflower bowl for a crazy price that a woman grabbed right from in front of me (erm, no thanks go ahead). Meanwhile today at the Goodwill across the street I got a mint old TM Reg yellow fridgie dish for $3, with mint old style lid!

    The thing about my Savers is they often have really awesome things but at a price I struggle with. For example, they had the three largest pink Gooseberry cinderellas, near mint, for $50 and yes I did buy it D:

  5. Jacquelyn are you in Tucson...I saw those same items at my thrifting this weekend...too funny!!! :)

  6. livismomma, yes, I sure am! Now I know I have competition! We should get in touch as I have some Pyrex I am looking to trade or we could just swap horror stories of what we find here.

    1. I don't get to thrift as much as I would like with two little ones and a full time job. :( So I am not much of a competitor! Just happy when I find something! Very new to collecting, but have a decent start! Drop me a note at if you have things you are looking to better than crazy thrift store prices. :)

  7. Those prices are insane! Wowza.