Monday, October 28, 2013

My Pyrex Finds for Last Week

I found Pyrex last week, nothing that knocked my socks off, but I was still happy.  Prices were higher this week for me than I liked.  The hardest one to swallow was the 403 Spring Blossom that cost me $6.29.  Hubby wasn't happy about my whining about the price, but even the cashier said she felt bad about it.  I haven't seen one in over 2 years that I'm trying to complete my set, so I couldn't leave it there.  My most exciting piece was the Golden Pine Cone which is the first 575 I've run into in almost 3 years!  I scooped up really nice/nearly new lids on sale, I can get rid of any of the chipped or scratched ones I bought early on.

(You can see some of my miniature finds for my Christmas putz if you are into that at my blog  here at my Christmas Finds post. )

(Hopelessly addicted),



  1. the 471 woodland is actually kinda cute!

  2. Great finds! Sometimes we just have to pay a little more for pieces that we need. It can be frustrating though!


  3. Love the Golden Pine Cone space saver -- I have that same one myself and you scored yours in time for Thanksgiving! Keep an eye out for the lid -- it's also gorgeous!