Monday, October 21, 2013

Orange Butterprint Lost and My Pink and Turquoise Collection


Have you ever been in a thrift when someone has an amazing, rare piece of Pyrex in their cart and you missed it by minutes!!!?

That happened to me today.  It was a Butterprint ORANGE cinderella bowl...a #444!  Ahhhh!  And it wasn't a collector, I could tell.  She had other bowls...some modern.  She probably just liked the size!  Ahhhhh!  I followed her around for awhile to see if she'd put it back.  She didn't!  Oh well.  Such is life.
On an up note, I did a photo shoot of my pink and turquoise pieces for your viewing pleasure :
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  1. Sorry to hear, but you have some amazing pieces!

    I've only envied one shopper with Pyrex - he had the 443 Gooseberry that I needed to complete my set. He is a dealer. $27 in his booth, + 13% tax. Psycho. In Ohio they were selling the set for $39, mint condition. But yeah, this ain't Ohio!

  2. Oh Man!!!!! That does stink! =/
    I have seen from time to time some women gathered in a group who bought Pyrex sometime, loads of it in their cart but it was ones I already had so I didn't feel bad.
    I also know and speak with this one women that goes to the 3 thrift stores I go to, saw her 2 weeks ago. She also looks for Pyrex but she does not keep it she sells it all. So for me, if I can snatch it up and keep it and appreciate it that's good before she gets it! But shes a nice lady so I let it slide =)

    BTW, Awesome collection I love it!

  3. That hasn't happened to me and I hope it never does--I'm sure I couldn't help but feel a little blue over it if it were a really cool piece. I'm drooling over your Pink Scroll!!!

  4. That happened to me once at Goodwill. A lady had the square and rectangular bakers in her cart in Flamingo Pink! I followed her around forever but she never put them back. I was crushed but then ended up finding them at an estate sale a few months later. You will find your Butterprint!

    Love the pink & turquoise photos. They are the colors that I primarily collect. I am going to take some pictures of my cabinet today since it will be sunny. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I was hunting for jadeite chilli bowls for a friend once, and found a few at a complete bargain, but a lady already had them in her hand. She left them at the register while she finished her shopping and the cashier thought they were mine. I was soooo tempted, but I left them for the lady. I would have been upset if I had been on the other end! (On the other hand, I should have waited and made her an offer in the parking lot ;) Your collection is outstanding... if you found all of those elusive pieces already, there's another orange Butterprint with your name on it somewhere!

  6. I'm fairly certain that if I saw someone with orange butterprint in their cart, I would have offered them cash to give it to me. *swoon*