Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Single Snowflake

Man things are so sparse here. 

Where has all the Pyrex gone!!!!

Lucky for me I found one piece last week. ONE. 

And I saw a rat where I got it. It got a bath, maybe 3. 
(see when/where I saw a rat over at

I love snowflakes.  At least the one piece I did find was a good one.

I hope you are finding more than I am. 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter. 


  1. I tell ya--what you have to endure as a Pyrex hunter! But just goes to show that not even a rat is gonna stop the determined! ha-ha! Great find!

  2. Pyrex has disappeared here, too... even hard to find desirable stuff at the antique markets. I used to see Butterfly Gold 2-3 times a week in mint condition on the shelf, don't even see that anymore...

    For me: it's dealers. They stalk the aisles from 9 to 4, the hours of shelf stocking for the thrifts I visit. I have a day job. Even if I didn't... I wouldn't waste my day in a thrift store... I'd be looking for a job. Oh well what are you gonna do besides pick up the left overs & the stuff they've missed?

  3. I'll go weeks without seeing a single piece then have about a week long span where I see it every time I go in. I think it's one person donating and the back room is just too slow bringing it all out at once.

    Love that Snowflake. I have a couple that I bring out during the holidays. Would love to find lids for them!