Sunday, October 6, 2013

Only one Find for the Week

I ran by the thrifts a couple times last week with the "oh well, it's okay if I don't find anything" attitude.  But heck, let's face it, inside I was like "oh please, oh please, oh please".  A promotional, maybe Gooseberry,  Friendship (I know I'm asking too much) or even a piece of Horizon Blue would have made my day.  Well, that didn't happen, but what did is this!

It isn't marked Pyrex, but it is clearly a Pyrex 403 mold.  I looked it up when I got home and found a number of folks who have this referring to it as an unmarked Pyrex.  I found that some Eyes Hot 'n' Cold Chip and Dip Set were also produced unmarked as stated on the Pyrex Love site.  I guess some might question this bowl, but I do feel deep in my Pyrex lovin' heart this is a Pyrex bowl.

After a good cleaning I found the bowl has very few utensil marks in the interior and the outside looks like new!  I paid $4.50, which I thought wasn't unreasonable for a 403.


  1. Love your find, and it's so true, I also tell myself it's alright if I dont find anything but then am disappointed when I don't.

  2. I found that same bowl this spring at an estate sale on the sales third day! Pyrex or not, it caught my eye and it looks great with my turquoise mixing bowls! I would like to know more about it though.

    1. My lone 401 Butterprint is keeping it company! :0)

  3. You did good. That is a desirable piece of glassware. Congrats.

  4. That's a beauty. :) Nice find!

  5. I'm almost 100% sure that's a Glasbake bowl. I have seen one that looks almost identical to it. It's beautiful isn't it?

  6. That piece is on my wish list. I have never seen it in person! Great find for you :-)


  7. Definitely not Glasbake. 100% Pyrex.