Monday, October 21, 2013

My Finds From Last Week

Nothing earth shattering for me in terms of finds last week, but still managed to bring home a load.  As much as I hoped I wouldn't run into any (new) BG pattern, I did and I couldn't resist.  It is different enough in color and pattern (the light gold really is more a yellow in person) that I couldn't resist and it was cheap so that cinched it.  I was delighted to get the divided dish for my Verdé lid, good thing it was 25% off because $6 was still more than I wanted to pay.  A lime 024 nearly flawless at $3.60, the lid at another store for 50 cents, gooseberry black and white was also $3.60 and 89 cents for a 503 lid which I sung and danced over.  Oh yes, Homestead 401 I need for the set I'm building for a friend.  One thing I had to leave behind was a black snowflake divided that had way too many scratches and a 444 that I believe goes to Verdé that was really shiny but had way too many scratches.  I was surprised at the color of the bowl, it was more grass green than olive like I imagined from online photos I've seen.

I've switched up my Pyrex autumn display in my kitchen--I was itching to see something different.  You can see it on my blog from this link Autumn Pyrex Display.  

(Hopelessly addicted),



  1. Black Gooseberry is really beautiful. I recently got the 443 to complete the set & much more beautiful then in pictures.

    1. Yes! I agree completely--the Black Gooseberry is really beautiful! As luck would have it, I've only gotten as far as two 443s! Hoping to run into some of the other sizes one of these days (soon).