Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Finds and Plea for Pattern Help

I had a business lunch with a fellow blogger, The Chilly Dog (who is an amazing crafter) in a different part of town than my usual haunts. So, it being a different I thought I'd pull into some random thrift stores on my way home. I'm glad I did!

Here's what I found...I guess my thrift store drought is well and truly broken!

Starting clockwise from the bottom left:
  • Divided 1-1/2Q Town and Country with lid, $4.75.
  • Divided 1-1/2Q Charcoal Snowflake, with lid, $10. Yes, expensive, but I found this at a used bookstore that also has all sorts of random items folks trade in or sell. I had trade credit so I bit the bullet, technically making it "free" to me. The store had a lot of other Pyrex but the prices were crazy considering the condition for some. I feel slightly crazy myself for getting this piece but I console myself with the knowledge it was free, it just cost me books I traded in however long ago, as I have been carrying around the trade credit slip for a couple years now!
  • Gooseberry 472, $3. I couldn't pass it up.
  • Mystery 045, $5.50. Both this and the first item came from the same store and were 25% off.

About the mystery piece: I can't find the pattern anywhere, not in any of my reference books or any reference sites online. It is for sure Pyrex, but what pattern? Does anyone know?



  1. You have been seriously scoring recently! Oh how I would LOVE to find a Gooseberry casserole!!!

    You were carrying that credit around for a long time, cool that you could use it towards Pyrex. It was probably meant to be that way!

    1. Thanks Evie. The funny thing about the Gooseberry is how I found it. The aisle was crowded and a woman in front of the dishes had just dropped one, shattering it everywhere. I felt my Pyrex spidey sense go off so I stood firm. She swept up the glass shards of her dish and I moved into place and saw the casserole, it was buried between two white bowls, just barely peeking out. It was well hidden!

    2. Good going! That was great! Yes, we have to stand firm in our quest for the elusive Pyrex!!!! And that well honed eagle eye! Gotta love how Pyrex sharpens the senses!

  2. Gooseberry for $3?!?! That would be a dream come true for me! I have never found a piece of pink in the wild unfortunately. And don't beat yourself up over the $10 for the charcoal. That's a very in demand pattern! I would have gone up to $15 believe it or not.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that black snowflake. I hope to find one in the wild before Christmas. I have almost all of the white/aqua snowflake. :)