Saturday, August 17, 2013

A few finds!

On a recent weekend camping in beautiful Durango, Colorado, my daughter and I had a few Pyrex finds!
There was a flea market on the weekend at their fairgrounds and we scored the turquoise bowl for $3 and the 2.5 quart oval casserole called Hex signs or I also found it called Snowflake, (I like that better) for $5! The casserole is a 1958 promotional and I always snatch those up. We found the Desert Dawn cake dish for $2.99 at a thrift. It was so grimy and had baked on yuck...with some oven cleaner it cleaned up great!

My only find in an antique store was this adorable 2 cup carafe called the Little Gold Jug (1958)! I love the carafes and this is the second one we have found. My daughter kept the first one because her birthday is on St. Patrick's Day, naturally I wanted one too! I plan on using this one for syrup.

Then today I stopped in on an estate sale and got this 403 turquoise beauty for $2, a few scratches but still pretty! Gosh, I hope I happen onto the others!

I hope Pyrex hunting is going well for all and you have a great weekend! Head over to for some pictures of our weekend in Durango, Colorado!



  1. Great finds!!!!! Everyone around me selling seems to have realized that people like us love Pyrex so it has been like tripled in price.


  2. I can't believe you found so many great pieces and at such awesome prices, especially the turquoise!

    Have a great week!