Friday, May 17, 2013

Turquoise Delight

I've been on the hunt lately for more turquoise band dinner plates like the ones I already have here. I know they're out there somewhere! This week, I went antiquing with a friend, thinking that maybe I'd find a plate or two, since this particular three-story shop never lets me down. 

My friend doesn't collect Pyrex (yet) but she's quickly learning the difference in the patterns and whether something is Fire King or Glasbake or Pyrex. 

I didn't find a dinner plate, but I did find a lovely platter with gold trim for $2.66. That's right. Less than $3. 

The next floor yielded even more goodness. A turquoise chip and dip bowl for $9. Not what I'd normally pay for a bowl, but since this seems to be a hard to find piece with normally crazier prices attached to it, I took it! 

I've had the dip bowl for a while, although my husband has been using it for the chips instead of the dip. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know there's a bigger bowl for chips now.  

The snowflake space saver came home with me too. My bargain buddy and I stopped off at a new Goodwill on the way home. While she lamented leaving behind a canister of chandelier crystals there the previous week, I squealed down another aisle -- I spotted the blue snowflakes hidden behind a bunch of green stuff (our local Goodwills all color coordinate their aisles -- do they do that in other locations too?) I don't know why it wasn't in the 'blue' aisle, but for $4, I clutched that thing like a baby through the rest of the store and was even reluctant to hand it over to the cashier to ring me out! 

The chandlier crystals were gone, but at least we celebrated the snowflake space saver sale. 

I seem to be on a space saver roll, but despite the name, I'm seriously running out of space for Pyrex. I really do have a tiny kitchen. For some fun small kitchen organization tips, read more here

Hope your weekend brings you all fabulous yard sale, flea market and thrift finds!



  1. Love, love, love it all! I hope I find all that too :)

  2. You did pretty good out your Pyrex outing. I see a lot of it around here, but never buy. I do very little cooking anymore, so I do not need what I have.

  3. $9 for the chip bowl is pretty good I think, great find!

    1. Thanks! I know... now that I think about it, it really was a bargain. Sometimes I just want to pay thrift prices at antique stores, but even at some of the thrift stores they would have charged at least $9! I'm glad I nabbed it when I did.