Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Plate Date

This weekend, I had a date with Adamstown. I drooled, saw rainbows, and generally felt Pyrex overload by the end of the day. I really just wanted to look, and promised myself I wouldn't buy anything except for plates. I found two of these dinner plates locally a few weeks ago, and was hoping to find at least two more without buying them online. 

(Yes, that is a salad the size of a dinner plate...)

I love how well the plates match the turquoise Butterprint!

I saw an entire set at one antique mall, but didn't want to splurge. Instead, I ended up finding four salad plates and a teacup and saucer (the same style seen in the movie 'The Help'. How fun is that?!) I ended up getting 50% off... so I paid $10 for everything. 

The plates are a little beat up around the edge, but since I plan to use these for everyday dishes, I don't mind. 

I also bought two dinner plates in the Blue Grecian pattern to match my cereal bowls

I still can't find the Blue Striped 401 I mentioned earlier here. I'm sure someone else nabbed it as soon as I left the store. I did find some fun Fire King chilli bowls though earlier this week while searching again for the bowl. You can see those here, as well as the winner of the Great Gravy Boat Giveaway! 

Happy May! 



  1. Lovely! Especially I like the picture with the plates and the turquoise Butterprint dish.

    Cheers, Mirjam

    1. Thank you! I love that I can set the table now with both the Butterprint serving dishes and the plates. It's total Pyrex eye-candy during dinner time :)