Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Something Old, Something Blue

Last weekend, I had a few hours to myself, so naturally I drifted through a few thrift and antique stores.

Of course I had my eye out for the turquoise plates, and space savers. (Ever since I had a lucky streak finding three space savers in a row at thrift stores, I keep dreaming. You can see those here and here.) 

No plates or space savers, but I did spy this 474 on a top shelf. I actually thought it was Glasbake at a first glance, but it's definitely Pyrex. I really do have plenty of Pyrex at the moment (when you move, you realize just how heavy it all is...) but this one was just so summery and cute -- I'd never seen the pattern before. I also didn't have anything in that size, and for $3.50, I figured it was a bargain. 

I later looked it up online -- I found the 1961 Bride's Promotional! I didn't get the lid or cradle, but still, I love it. 

I also discovered this blue mug -- I bought it as a birthday gift for a friend. I have two yellow scuffed ones that are the same style (both marked Corning) but this one is actually marked Pyrex. Even the sales lady at the antique mall said she'd never seen that color blue before. 

I think the Bride's Promotional would be a super fun gift for a bride-to-be -- especially if it was packed full of other little goodies. (Well, let's face facts, any vintage Pyrex would be fun to receive as a wedding gift!) Have any of you gifted or received Pyrex as wedding gifts? 

Speaking of weddings and gifts, do any of you know if Pyrex ever made snack sets? I haven't found any information on them, but maybe I'm missing something. I'm discovering how fun and versatile vintage snack sets are (and apparently they are still popular for wedding and baby showers in the South...?) so I picked up a bunch on the same day that I scored something old and something blue. You can see those here on my blog. 

Hope everyone is having great end-of-summer-sale-success! 



  1. I think this is such a pretty pyrex pattern. :-)

    1. It is quite cheerful, isn't it? I've kept it out of the cupboards so that I can keep looking at it!

  2. Brenda, I still have Pyrex that was a wedding gift(43 yrs. ago). Of course it is olive green, mixing bowls and the chip and dip set that is just the mixing bowls with a do dad to place the small bowl on. I love seeing all your Pyrex it brings back memories. May have to add too! My mom has the red salad bowl with the smaller bowls......tablescape idea;0
    You mention the snack sets yes we still do use them down here in the South. In fact I am helping with a Ladies day retreat and plan to use them for the brunch.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity <;)

    1. That's great! The chip and dip sets are very much in demand these days, it seems! Hold onto yours :)