Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chip and Dips

I love chip and dips. So much they have started growing in my house. 

Man they are pretty. 

These are two of my favorite Pyrex sets. I have a few other Pyrex ones missing their other halves. 

 I got a really awesome Blendo set a few weeks ago too. If you want to see my ever growing collection you can over at

Makes me crave some salt!

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter


  1. Love to top set. I have never seen it in person before. I also have the Eyes set. I got it at an antique fair in June. My other favorite set I have is the turquoise square chip & dip. My only problem is finding the square shaped bracket for it.


    1. That brown set has a really odd dip bowl. It is a marked as tableware and originally came with a wooden holder.

      I think someone who makes reproduction brackets is working on making the square shaped one.

    2. So interesting that it came with a wooden holder! I am also on the hunt for a square bracket for the turquoise set. I wouldn't mind a reproduction!

  2. I don't believe I've seen the sets anywhere here for purchase. They are unique for sure--my favorite is the first one. Happy hunting.