Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pink Pyrex

Here is a picture everyone will like.  I saw it on Facebook.  I "Like" a page called "Dusty Old Thing.com". They post pictures of other peoples antiques.537191_10200362095317005_1815330663_n
And, from a completely different period, we can all say "wow" at Terry Morrison's vintage pink Pyrex collection!  
Pyrex, by the Corning Glass Company, was introduced in its clear form in 1915.  The very popular pieces in colors like Terry's pink entered the market in 1947, making it now officially vintage.  Many of the pink pieces were introduced in the 1950's and were very popular.  Fortunately today there are many websites about Pyrex and collector clubs to assist those who love it.  It is also still functional...a real attraction for families wanting to re-create the feel of days gone by.  

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