Friday, August 16, 2013

Happiness & Sadness for my Yellow Butterprint

Hi Everyone!

I was SO excited when I received my Yellow Butterprint mixing bowls that I had purchased. They are so pretty and SO perfect for Autumn! However, as soon as my husband got home he started commenting about how UGLY they are! The nerve!

Well, I thought this would wear off and he would just accept that I loved the bowls like always does. Not even close. He is still commenting about those terrible bowls! 

So I decided to bite the bullet, and just sell them :/ They go perfect with black for Halloween, or as they ar for Thanksgiving. $100 + shipping and they are yours (what I paid for them). email me at tiffanyvsaint at if interested!


  1. So pretty!!

    My fiance hates most of the things I bring over, including my pyrex. But he never minds eating all the great food out of it!

  2. That's so Terrible. =( I would keep them anyway!!! It's your hobby. I love those bowls and are super rare. I'm lucky enough that my husband loves all of my Pyrex

  3. If you like them, you should keep them, they're beautiful!

  4. My husband also fails to appreciate my Pyrex collection. He gave up making comments though because he realizes it's my thing.

    The Orange Amish is not my favorite either. I landed a deal on my first three and bought them for their rarity.

  5. I think you should keep them! I know it's hard to put the negativity aside, but I'd hate for you to regret selling them and then perhaps even resent your husband for making you do it! I would put them away somewhere and hold onto them for a couple of months- if you don't miss them, well, get rid of them, but if you fall in love all over again when you bring them back, it was meant to be!