Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Pieces

_MG_6985.jpgA couple months ago I picked up my very first space saver. It was sitting on the shelf at the thrift store looking pretty grundgy. I got home and did a lot of scrubbing. There are still some grease marks on the lid, but considering the condition it was in it looks pretty good.
_MG_6992.jpgThe next day I picked up this 503 Square Flowers and was able to complete this fridgie set. I love completing sets!
_MG_7010.jpgAt the same thrit store I picked up the Snowflake divided dish and a friend gave me the Compass divided dish.
_MG_7214.jpgMy family came out to visit at the end of May and my mom brought me my first piece from England and the 403 Butterprint in mint conditon.
_MG_7222.jpgShe also brought me a well loved Primary set she received from a friend who found out I collect Pyrex. Now I have two sets! Her friends have found out that I collect Pyrex and now they text me whenever they're out and about. It's great.
_MG_7337.jpgI've spread the Pyrex bug along to my mother-in-law so when she came out to visit I took her out thrifting and picked up the Orange 403 and 404 Butterprint, Opal 402, and a measuring cup. I can never have enough measuring cups. I use them constantly. There you have it,  just a few pieces that I've acquired in the last month or so.
Jan~ just*imagine*heaven


  1. Wow, those are some awesome finds!

  2. A bit of bar keepers friend or oven cleaner will get that grease off the lid. I wouldn't use it on the bottom (not good for the gold)

  3. Obsessed with your orange butterprints! Someday ...

  4. Love it all, especially the primary set!