Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twas Luck!

Lately I've been having some awesome thrifting luck!  I've gotten a lot of things off my wish list, found Pyrex in cradles which tickles me to pieces, and completed sets.  One thing that I found though has to been straight up Pyrex fate. 

See that Pyrex Gold Leaf holiday promotional in it's original cradle?  Well I didn't purchase it with that cradle over a year ago when I spotted the bowl in an antique store.  Instead, I got the cradle on Thursday...in a Goodwill...for less than a dollar.  It's a match made in Pyrex heaven. 

Also, I found the lil red fridgie for only $4, so I was tickled pink!  The Friendship casserole came from the local antique mall and is in amazing condition.  

Feel free to stop by my blog www.yesterway.blogspot.com to check out all the other goodies I've found!  Happy thrifting everyone :)