Friday, July 20, 2012

Pyrex meets Mackenzie-Childs

I have finally let my wild side out! I have combined my two collections- Pyrex & Mackenzie-Childs Enamelware. For those of you who are not as familiar, Mackenzie-Childs is known for their black and white check, as well as some floral designs. Their main hub is in Aurora, NY--and is about 35min away from me (rather expensive compared to Pyrexing, but they have an annual Barn Sale that has major discounts).

But back to Pyrex...
I have four flamingo pink cups, saucers, and salad plates (pictured here). And four turquoise cups, 8 saucers, and 6 salad plates (need to find more to even out my set! Anyone have any turquoise teacups to spare?). So, I figured I'd mix and match my table setting. Two turquoise for the heads of the table, and four pink for the others.

With all the crazy, fun patterns, I needed to redo the chairs. So.... the old, stained, 30-year old seats went from drab to fab :) courtesy of a staple gun, hot glue gun, and discount upholstery fabric. I realize it may not be everyone's taste (somewhere an antique expert is mortified), but you have to agree that it is an improvement! And, well, quite honestly I got sick of beige and boring. This makes it a happier home! What a fun tea party this could make! 

Anyone else combining collections? How does pyrex add to your home decor?

Happy thrifting and decorating :)

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  1. No, Mackenzie-Childs is a local company that makes new products each year. Hand-painted, and fun :) i like to blend new and old. Although their products from years back (retured) are highly sought after

  2. Love your mixture of old/new with a little bit of whimsy. You made it unique and it works beautifully. Great job!

    1. Thank you very much! After awhile, the home needs less formality; we can get that at school and work!