Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is This?, A Trade, and Pulled Pork Dinner

Hi Pyrex Friends.  I found a very interesting bowl at GW yesterday.  It is orange, but it fades from dark to light...the photo doesn't do it justice.  I couldn't find any info on it, and even looked on Etsy.  I saw lots of them for sale, but no info on it.  Anyone know what it is and what goes with it? 

Also, I did my first Pyrex community trade.  I received my end of the trade yesterday...the lid for my Verde casserole!  Thank you Leslie.  Hopefully her Verde little fridgies get there safely for a successful trade.

Used some Pyrex for a Pulled Pork Dinner :


  1. Nice bowl! I got the same one from GW a few weeks ago. It's called the Flameglo. Only offered on 400 series bowls.

  2. Here's a picture of the set.

  3. Mmmm your coleslaw looks delish! Great Pyrex pics too!

  4. I have the smallest size of the ombre-ish orange bowl sitting on top of my fridge. I use it for cereal when I am out of bowls! It's very unique and unlike other Pyrex that I've seen. Good find!

  5. ok, folks, not to make you jealous, but i've actually got a full set of the red-orange fade that i've pieced together. i'll try to post a picture on PC 1. if you stack them upside down with the 404 on the bottom and the 401 on the top, the reds and oranges fade into each other!

    also, thanks for the trade, stacey. fridgies made it safely to their new home!