Friday, July 6, 2012

Trade? Or Sell... A Few Goodies!


I have been trying my best to collect only turquoise pieces (of any pattern and shape) but I feel bad leaving great pieces behind. As such, I have several pieces that I thought someone else may enjoy more that me? I do love them, but they don't fit my motif. I would like to trade or sell, I will package them VERY well because I know what it is like to be a Pyrex Lover :)
Up for trade or sale:
A. Golden Classic Promotional with Lid (pictures 1-3): Very nice condition. Some imperfections on lid as seen in picture 3. Otherwise, the piece looks rather new!



B. Blue pieces- Largest blue cinderella bowl, small round casserole, divided casserole, three refrigerator/small loaf dishes w one lid (pictures 4 & 5). Near mint condition- very shiny, virtually no scratches or spots. These were my first pieces I bought - from an antique store and I really overpaid!! Now, I know better :) but they are still very pretty and nice to look at.



C. Butterfly Gold- Gravy boat with bottom plate, sugar and creamer: Also in perfect condition! I bet these were never even used (Picture 6). Like I saw in other posts, the creamer says Pyrex underneath, as do the gravy boat and dish. The sugar says Corning. Not sure why, but they are the same texture, material, and coloring.


 D. Dandelion Divided Dish: Near mint condition. Yes, I also have a clear lid for this (for some reason I was getting a glare with my camera- but the lid is also in great condition. No chips.)! See Picture 7.


You have my word that all pieces are in rather great condition. I live in Central New York (Syracuse area). Shipping may depend on quantity of pieces and distance, but I will be reasonable - we are all after the same goal (to have a fabulous collection)! 

What I'd like to trade for: Pyrex Only Please (no fireking, etc)
1. Turquoise Gooseberry Pattern- Cinderella bowls (rumored to be English Pyrex)
2. The Atomic Rectangular Casserole/Utility dish (LOVE!)
3. Chip and Dip Sets- Turquoise color in the hot air Balloon pattern or Embroidery
4. Square turquoise little dip bowl and the metal hanger (I have the chip bowl)
5. Turquoise scroll pattern

** I might also consider other turquoise, or turquoise & white pieces althought many I already have (But I tend to love the utility/rectangular casseroles and could use more!).

Feel free to contact me and make an offer (in the comments below or at and maybe we can work it out! Happy hunting!!

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  1. I loooove that first golden casserole!

    1. Yeah!! My dad bought that (i think he caught the collecting bug for me)! Let me know if you're interested, it is very pretty :) im off to the local flea market, hopefully for more pretty treasures!