Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lovin' the Promos!

Promotionals are STILL following me!  On the top of my list of promo's was the Mod pattern.  I saw it in an antique store, and it's an antique store that I've just started selling too!  They pay outright, and I've been finding things at Yard Sales and some cheap thrift and making a little extra money.  Well, they wanted $14.50 for the casserole, which is more than I'd usually pay.  So....I brought in some of my finds, got paid, and bought the casserole!  Then, at GW the same day, my son spotted the Hex Signs bowl in mint condition for $7.99.  After purchasing that, I still have $5 left from the antique store payment.  So fun!  Here are the finds

Here's hoping Promo's start following you too!  Stacey at
and Vintage Values, Modern Times FB page.


  1. yes please, send the promo find fairy my way!!

  2. ahhh, the mod kitchen is one of my favorite pieces in my collection - I almost died right in the middle of the goodwill when I found it - hope the good promotion vibes keep with you :)