Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pyrex I left Behind

The Pyrex I left behind at a local Antique Store (North Idaho).  The Butterprint bowl set - NOT mint, NOT a full set (the smallest bowl was Early American with bad DWD) AND the second to smallest was badly chipped...$149.50.

The Daisy casserole had a chipped lid and a lot of scratching/baked on grease - $86.95.

Wowzers!  Look at your shelves, peeps - look at all that Pyrex!  You are RICH!!!!  :D

Elin K.


  1. Those are some of the craziest prices I have ever seen! I don't blame you for leaving them behind. =) -Ashton

  2. Holy Cow!!! Those prices kind of make me want to barf!

  3. That is completely insane. Who would pay that?

  4. Are you joking me?! That's quite possibly the WORST pricing I've ever seen for Pyrex! And to think I often refuse to pay more than $10 for anything, no matter what it is!

    1. Hi! Are you looking to buy any Daisy 440 series? They'd be under $10!

  5. What are they smoking in Idaho?!

  6. HaHa! Crazy People! If I were you, I would have asked to speak to a manager. And then I would have told them how RUDE they're being to their customers by putting such inflated prices on bowls that are worth about 8-$10.00 each!

  7. That's crazy!! Yes, total pass! It's supposed to be a nice, vintage, fun-loving hobby- who does that?!

  8. I know, right? I kept checking to see if I was making a mistake...