Saturday, July 7, 2012

Promotionals are following me and other finds

The past couple of weeks I seem to have promotionals following me.  (Always a good thing).  I posted on the "Golden Hearts".  Then I stumbled on the "Barbed Wire" in GW for $4.99 and then my hubby called from a GW in a town where he had a meeting, describing to me what I found out was a "Golden Branches" which he also picked up for $4.99.  Speaking of my hubby, he is VERY in to finding this stuff for me, and now my 10 year old son who used to sigh when we stopped at thrift stores decided it's fun to find things that make Mom smile.  Not only has he learned the pattern names, he is really good at finding stuff.  He walked up to me at GW with a very washed out pink Goose Berry and said, "Mom, I think this is Gooseberry, but it's dead."  I had to laugh.  I also hit a few garage sales this weekend, and along with finding tons of school clothes for my kids, I found a couple of Pyrex pieces.  I LOVE the G sale prices.  50 cents!  I cracked up when I was at one of the sales.  I was focused on something and someone leans over and says "the Pyrex is over there".  I look up to see the sweet face of a friend from church.  "I love that stuff!"  I said.  She laughed.  "I know, I read your blog!"  Stacey Johnson and Vintage Values, Modern Times on Facebook

Here's the goods

This is not new, but I have a "new use" for it.  I use it to keep my loose tea items for making many cups of tea everyday!

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