Saturday, July 14, 2012

a pyrex...ish day

I went out yard sale-ing and thrifting for Pyrex this morning. Yard sales have been a total bust for Pyrex lately, but I did manage to get my hands on 3 of the tiny 5 oz custard cups for $1 (which was great because I bought 1 the other day, so now i have a set). I also picked up a spring blossom loaf dish (in the pic below) and the big yellow primary bowl for a reasonable price at a consignment shop. Buuuuut, the find I was most excited about wasn't Pyrex, but its less loved cousin Corelle! I've been picking up the Pyrex-matching dishes as I come across them, and today I hit the jackpot! A 20 piece set of spring blossom dishes NEW IN BOX! I also somehow managed not to replicate any of the dishes I already had, except that I already had 2 saucers. Here is my whole spring blossom family:

In the box was: 4 dinner plates (biggest plates), 4 lunch plates (2nd biggest plates), 4 large bowls, 4  tea cups, and 4 saucers. Also, a lovely colorful pamphlet of Pyrex and Corelle compatibles!

Also, miniature rant here: Savers is getting ridiculous with Pyrex pricing. It was fine until recently. Yesterday I went and they wanted $9 for a scratched small autumn harvest 401 bowl! Who is pricing this stuff!? Fingers crossed for more normal Pyrex pricing!



  1. Spring Blossom is my favorite Corelle pattern! Lucky lady! :)

  2. Wow, what great finds! I'm still after a SB loaf pan.

  3. Oh, my! I would LOVE to find a set in the box like that. So cool. I have Corelle Spring Blossom and Butterfly Print and I'm working on Woodland. They've all come a piece at a time. Congrats.

  4. Great thrift finds! I agree with you, Savers is overpriced (especially Pyrex)>!

    1. That's so strange, my Saver's is far better priced than Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Red Racks. It's my favorite! I guess prices have a lot to do with what area you're in, though.

  5. That's a wonderful find!!! Lucky!!!

  6. Cant decide if i want to keep, sell or trade. If anyone is in the RI area I'd be open to trades particularly if they included turquoise things!