Saturday, July 14, 2012

successful pyrex {trade}

thanks to the awesome pyrex collective, i made my first trade with another local collector. after i had written a post several weeks ago indicating that i had shopped in winnipeg, she contacted me and we found out that we live in the same province and even knew some of the same people--small world! yesterday, we made our first in-person trade and i think it was a success!

i don't have pictures of all the pieces i passed on but they were a colonial mist 474-B (with lid), homestead 401, a solid pink and a solid blue 401 (from what collections, we are unsure), and a pink flamingo pie plate.

i was quite ecstatic about the pieces she brought along for me to pick from and these were the ones i chose:

a friendship bird 403

butterfly gold 403 and butterfly gold 043 oval casserole

a spring blossom 043 oval casserole with matching lid(!) and a spring blossom 441 cinderella bowl

(another view of the spring blossom first dish with a matching patterned lid)

an updated view of my current collection (minus a few mixing bowls and casseroles that i actually use on a day-to-day basis). i am SERIOUSLY running out of room. i need to find a cheap bookcase or display stand very very soon so i can expand my pyrex collection some more!

have any of you made local connections because of the pyrex collective and had successful trades too?


  1. good to see that someone else uses the little tabbed glass covers on their 401s

  2. Love your stuff! Looks like we collect alot of the same pattern. I would LOVE to get a Friendship! Sounds like you did some great trading :)

  3. It was a please to do the trade with you! And to meet you!!! My post on the trade will be up some time this week