Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my {name} in gold

i couldn't help but share today's piece from my 365-project because it is pyrex-inspired! :) check out more on my blog @ the twin oaks place.

of course, i couldn't just use pyrex as my inspiration and not take updated pictures of my collection so...some eye candy. :)

my open shelves in the kitchen were such a great idea to display my pyrex. although, they are definitely becoming overfull. especially since i even had to move some of the pyrex down on to the mini-book shelf. oh, well. i just it all. love love love!

because my kitchen is overflowing, i do have this smaller table in my dining room that display a few pieces. i actually use the teal mixing bowl ALL the time so i'm constantly removing it from its display, using it and washing it and then replacing it! the pieces on the left are being saved for my new local pyrex connection! can't wait to do an exchange in a few weeks. we met through the pyrex collective!

- lauren

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  1. Cute! Too bad we couldn't actually custom-make pieces with our names!!!! That'd be fantastic :) Cute pic though, very fun!